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Queer Prom

11150182_10204623927183026_5442756313107754637_nFrom Ariel Lesnick ’15:

This year’s Queer Prom Theme is Queer Futurity/ Future/ Cyborgs.

For everyone who would rather be a cyborg than a goddess, who analyzes their life through queer temporalities, and everyone in between, please come through!

There will be music, dancing, and the traditional prom photo booth.

Date: Saturday, April 18
Time: 10PM – 1AM
Place: Alpha Delt

FB event.

Queer Prom

10151202_10203452773501244_7437458907051987111_nYou are cordially invited…

Theme: **Sparkle**

April 25th, 2014
PRE-PROM: Open House @ 9
PROM: Malcolm X House @ 10
DJ kilbourne
DJ abhi
DJ am

Date: Friday, April 25
Time: 10 PM – 2 AM
Place: Malcolm X

Queer Prom 2013


The prolific Izzy Rode ’14 tellz uz:

You, dear, deserve a night of reclamation.
A break from the hetero social life.
A night of demolishing those boxes society keeps trying to throw you
A night of partying among friends.



Queer Prom Goes Intergalactic

From Slamming ’13, queer intern extraordinaire:

Queer Prom. This year’s theme is Queer Planet. Pretty awesome, right? Also, it’s FREE! Pretty fantastic, right?

Brought to you in part by the Queer Resource Center.

According to the ever-reliable ACB,

“queer prom is fucking fantastic. you do not need a date, you just need to dance. it is consistently one of the best parties of the year, no matter who you fuck.”

Moral of the story: Come shitty drunk, come sober, come in an alien costume, come from Mars, come with your friends, come with your friends with benefits, come gay, come dressed only in tin foil, come dressed as Mr. Sulu from Star Trek, come straight-but-not-narrow, come as Michael Warner, come as you are, just come. And dance it out, honey.

Date: TOMORROW, Saturday, May 7, 2011
Time: 10:30pm – 1:30 am
Place: Beckham Hall/Outer Space

Queer Prom: Circus Freaks at Beckham


Get your tickets to one of the biggest parties of the year, at Usdan during lunch and dinner all week. A message from the Queer Social Committee:

It’s time for Queer Prom. That’s right folks. Come one, come all, to the dirtiest circus of all.

But we need your help to make this queer prom the most epic of queer proms. First, we know you like to dance. So let us know what you want to be bumpin and grindin to. Email Emily (eevnen@wes) or Jega (jgunasagaran@wes) with music suggestions. We can’t promise anything, but we will try.

Here is a link to a google spreadsheet with sign up slots for various volunteering opportunities. You can work the door, sell tickets, or help us turn Beckham into three rings of wonder.

Come party with us. Just like a circus.

the qsc

Date: May 2nd
Time: 10:30 pm – 2:00 am
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: $4 in advance/$5 at the door