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Queer Prom 2013


The prolific Izzy Rode ’14 tellz uz:

You, dear, deserve a night of reclamation.
A break from the hetero social life.
A night of demolishing those boxes society keeps trying to throw you
A night of partying among friends.



WeSLAM and QueerWes Present: The Short Poem Slam (feat. Cam and Sam)

cam and sam blue

WeSLAM, Wesleyan’s premiere slam-poetry organization, is back from spring break with a tan, a shorter attention span, and an illegally obtained case of PBR. So y’all best prep yourselves for our second-ever Short Poem Slam:

The rounds will go like this:

  • 1st round: 1 minute poem 
  • 2nd round: 30 second poem 
  • 3rd round: 15 second poem (Haikus Are Totes Kosher For Pesach) 

But that’s not all. The incredibly talented and prolific Cam Awkward-Rich ’11 and Sam Sax, also known as the Gay Pride Poetry Tour, will be featuring with an earth-shatteringly hilarious, devastating, and mindblowing set of poems that are sure to knock your socks off (to say the least).

Justice for Queers: A Discussion with Margot Weiss

Izzy Rode ’14 wants you to question… question justice, that is:

Following up on the conversation Greg Goldberg facilitated on the
subject of “Marriage and Queers” a few weeks ago, QueerWes presents an
open, informal conversation on the subject of “Justice for Queers”.
Margot Weiss will be joining us to facilitate. Bring thoughts,
enthusiasm, and/or questions!

Dinner will be served.

Date: Wednesday, November 28th
Time: 6-8pm
Place: Open House (154 Church) or The Bayit (157 Church) if we exceed capacity
Cost: zero
Meal: Dinner. For you.

Marriage and Queers: A Discussion with Greg Goldberg

From the ridiculously involved Izzy Rode ’14:

Open House and QueerWes present:

This Thursday, Open House will be hosting Greg Goldberg to facilitate an open, informal discussion on marriage and what it means for the queer community.

Dinner will be served!

Date: Tomorrow, October 25
Time: 6pm
Place: Open House (154 Church)

First QueerWes Meeting


Izzy  Rode ’14 wants y’all to attend QueerWes:

Queer? Supportive ally?

Come talk about queer life at Wes and be part of Wesleyan’s newest queer group. Aimed at creating an all-inclusive community for all queer students and allies, QueerWes’s first meeting will focus on what exactly students want from queer life and the university. Come and have your voice heard! Also, if you can’t make it, please email irode(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to fill out a questionnaire.

An open house at Open House (154 Church) will follow.

Date: October 7, 2012
Time: 6 pm
Place: Usdan 108