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Photos: Prince Rama, Bamenda at Eclectic

Neo-tribalgaze band Prince Rama, which consists of two glittery sisters who grew up on a Hare Krishna commune (and that guy in the background who follows their exploits with his bass and gets curiously little media attention), played to a packed, sweaty house at Eclectic Friday night. Their act has a strong element of performance art; their opening ritual included keyboardist Taraka Larson throwing a long, sheer veil over herself and creeping through the crowd at the speed of molasses while the rest of the band played a droney track (it might have been “Summer of Love”).

She also climbed up on the speakers and blindly caressed the heads of the freshman boys in the front row, who made beatific expressions as if they had been touched by an angel. They invited people to get up front and dance with them, but the audience was sadly shy. No worries if you missed it and still want to shake your booty; according to their Facebook page, they’re holding a YouTube dance contest and the deadline is October first.

Opening was Dema Paxton Fofang ’13’s solo project Bamenda, which we posted about a few weeks ago.


Wesleying should move faster than this, but hey, it’s the weekend, things (Amanda Palmer, Stop Making Sense, Amanda Palmer, “those crazy Italians,” Amanda Palmer) came up, some of us are busy sleeping on Wall Street. Whatcanyoudo? (You can join.)

So the Dodos came to Eclectic last week. That was fun. Argus pre-show coverage incorporates phrases like “sprightly, spindly folk” and “ticky-tock rim hits” and “thunderous tom-toms,” which essentially sums it up. No doubt the San Francisco duo brought its blend of percussion-happy indie-pop to a particularly enthusiastic Wednesday night crowdand if you stayed the whole gig without collapsing from the heat, pat yourself on the back.