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More Wes Presence @ Rally to Restore Sanity

As per our request in Monday’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear post, Chelsea Reutcke ’12 sends in stories and photos of her experience at the fantastic(al) event last weekend:

I attended the rally with fellow Wes students Rajeeta Iyer ’12, Ana Begazo ’12, and Kim Muellers ’12. Proving what a small world it is, the first person we met on our bus to DC was a Wesleyan alum. Alum MC Hall ’10 also made an appearance in a random photo of mine with the excellent Justin Beibers sign. Included are pictures of hilarious (and true) signs and one man’s epic struggle to climb a tree in order to glimpse Colbert and Stewart more clearly. There were people in every single tree, but when this man attempted to scale a tree near my group, the entire area erupted into cheers for him, then gasping as he started to slip. Together we started chanting “yes you can” as people both above and below him worked to get him up into the tree until he achieved victory. It was one of the most epic events of the day and demonstrated the shared joy of all gathered there—even the proximity to the porta potties couldn’t bring us down.

Two more photos after the jump.