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Students and Custodians Allege Labor Violations against Wesleyan

Wesleying stands in solidarity with our custodial workers in their fight to be treated with dignity and respect as they clean and care for our campus. We affirm their demand for Wesleyan to hire five more workers, and offer our platform and support to the workers and students who are organizing to achieve this.

Tomorrow (Friday, April 26), at noon, students, campus workers, and community members will join together at North College to rally for Five More Workers: Support Good Jobs at Wes. Students, other Wesleyan workers, community organizations, labor unions, artists, and even two sitting Congresspeople (Rep. Pramila Jayapal WA-07 and Rep. Andy Levin MI-09) have expressed their support for Wesleyan’s custodial workers, and Friday’s rally is anticipated to be the largest action yet.

This comes just two weeks after United Student/Labor Action Committee (USLAC) organized a series of protests and disruptions during WesFest to call attention to the unreasonable workloads of our school’s custodians and to demand that Wesleyan hire five more workers. (If you want to know more about the WesFest actions, the Argus did a great job covering them.)

Since WesFest, the administration has failed to take action on (or take seriously) the protesters’ demands and workers’ testimonies, citing data shared in an all-campus email from Chief Administrative Officer, and Treasurer Andy Tanaka on Wednesday, April 24 as justification. USLAC responded by sharing a point-by-point rebuttal of the “facts” presented in Tanaka’s email.

A graph compiled by USLAC to explain perceived flaws in the administration’s data analysis

As mentioned in these documents, there have been new developments with regard to the legality of Wesleyan and SMG’s employment practices. On Friday, April 19, Wesleyan students and custodians worked together to file a National Labor Relations Board charge against Service Management Group (SMG), a custodial services subcontractor, and Wesleyan University as joint employers. This occurred after custodians and students reviewed SMG’s corporate handbook and identified several violations of federal labor law.

Read on to learn more about the violations, their significance, and to view the full redacted complaint.

Marriage Equality Rally

Support marriage equality? All the cool senators are doing it these days. Follow Patrick Moriarty ’14 to Hartford:

On March 26-27, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider two cases that are fundamentally about whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender (LGBT) Americans should have the same freedoms as everyone else. Those two cases will decide the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8 — this is a huge and historic moment. Lend your voice to the rising tide of those speaking out in favor of marriage equality.

½ mile Community March to rally from Metropolitan Community Church gathers at 5:30pm, 155 Wyllys Street. Wear Red & Bring Signs

For more info visit FaceBook Marriage Equality Rally (Connecticut) or @ Light To Justice.

Date: March 25, 2013
Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Place: Federal Courthouse: 450 Main Street, Hartford
Cost: Free

Photos: 30 WesKids “March for Change” at Gun Rally in Hartford

Earlier this month, The Onion mocked college activists in a video news clip entitled “College Activists Excited to Add Powerless Voices to Gun Debate,” which involved an actual Argus editorial and a fake interview with Micah Feiring ’11 (renamed “Michael Feiring”) in its scathing take-down.

A few days later, on Valentine’s Day (which doubled as the two-month anniversary of the Newtown shooting), I joined about 30 other Wesleyan students, as well as Rabbi David Teva and Reverend Tracy Mehr-Muska, on a brief trip to Hartford for the March for Change rally in support of stricter gun laws. Initially proposed by Reverend Tracy, the trip was organized by Em Kianka ’13, Zach Malter ’13, and Michael Linden ’15.

Carrying signs with slogans like “MORE LOVE LESS GUNS” and “STAND ON THE SIDE OF LOVE,” we arrived at the state capital building in Hartford, where a crowd of over 5,000 supporters had gathered near mounds of snow and Governor Dannel Malloy was finishing up a stirring speech that hearkened back to his moving remarks in the hours after the tragedy. “Every day that we delay is a day in which more innocent individuals,” Malloy spoke from the capital steps. “I hope the NRA hopes the ‘Newtown Effect’ will go away. It won’t. We can’t let what happened in Connecticut ever go away.” At one point, a hushed chant broke out in the crowd: “Now. Now. Now. Now.”

Rally for Education Equality in Hartford next Tuesday – sign up to get on the bus by tomorrow!

A heads up from the new “King of the WesDemsMichael Linden ’15:

A very cool opportunity that WesDems plans on co-sponsoring is happening this coming Tuesday at 5:30 PM in Hartford: an Education Equality Rally to support CT Governor Malloy’s education reform initiatives.

A bus will leave from in front of Usdan at 4:15PM and will take us to Hartford and then back to Wesleyan when it finishes that evening.

Sign up by tomorrow to guarantee yourself a place on the bus!

  • When: Tuesday, Feb. 21 @ 4:15
  • Where: meet in front of Usdan and bus over to Hartford
  • Facebook event: click here

Party on Wall Street: Police Pepper Spray 5, Arrest 80-100 (Including Wesleyan Student)

Image from ABC News: Click on it for the article.

If you wanted it to be, yesterday was a pretty action-packed Saturday. Start off with the weekly WILD Wes and Long Lane Farm work days in the morning/early afternoon, catch the football or [American] football game[s] before taking the bus to 350 Connecticut’s Moving Earth Day event in New Haven. After fraternizing with Yalies and other assorted environmentally-concerned folk, take the bus back in time to catch most of the Ishmael show (guys: great posters, greater set) at Earth House, then continue on to numerous debauchery centers throughout the night. Take care to keep schoolwork as far from your mind as humanly possible.

But New Haven wasn’t the only activity off-campus playing host to Wesleyan students this weekend. Another group of Wesleyan students went down to New York to return to Zuccotti Park / Liberty Square, where Occupy Wall Street protests had been ongoing throughout the week and were looking forward to a weekend surge in numbers. What may not have been expected was the weekend surge in NYPD…”protection” of the public. Police used a tactic called “kettling” to splinter marching demonstrators  with nets, arresting many who (nonviolently) attempted to evade the herding tactics. Most official outlets place the number of arrests at 80, but the National Lawyers’ Guild, who has had observers standing by since the first day of the occupation, puts their count at 100. More media (and a little about the Wes student who was arrested) after the jump…

Wes @ WallStreet

It’s sort of those things that has been whispered through the walls for quite some time now, which of course typically doesn’t really matter if you’re part of the collective insulated within the world-reducing college-bubble (which you are). But even within the bubble some manage pick up the scent and are consequently swept up by its message and mission, and on a rather sunny weekend much like any other, they packed their bags, got on a bus (giving up the smile of restful hours), and headed South to join the civil resistance – that is to say, to help “Occupy Wall Street.”

In case you have no idea at all of what I’m talking about – and that would be a damn shame, be it for lack of circulation or lack of inclination – click here and here. The Wes envoy that went off to rally was a varied set of robust young individuals, among them our very own sickly-kinetic A-Batte (bringing the joy of chalking in tow). And while he should really be the one writing this, he’s a little busy at the moment. Thus, what follows is not an entertainingly or passionately-written account of events, but rather, a sterile round-up of coverage, pictures, and other tid-bits.

The account will come sometime later, when he has fully recovered in his cave. Click on to see the coverage.

Rally for Collective Bargaining Rights and a New Vision

On Wednesday, March 30th, the Connecticut Community is rallying in New Haven to challenge the view that state and city budgets must be balanced on the back of the people and their standard of living.

This rally is in part a solidarity rally but there is also a big push going on for take backs against dining service workers in the public school systems. We want to show that Connecticut will fight back just as hard as labor and allies in Wisconsin.

We invite and encourage you to come demonstrate for a different vision of what our economic plan should be. If you believe in the labor movement it time to stand up!

For further information and details of transportation from Meriden, please contact Connie Holt from UNITE HERE at 203-586-8414 or Sue Silvestro, a Wesleyan Bon Appetit worker and union steward, at 860-575-8114 or silvestro217(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Date: Wednesday, March 30
  • Time: 5:30 PM – 12:00 AM
  • Place: 425 College Street, New Haven, CT
  • Cost: Free

Planned Parenthood Rally: Recap and More Photos

More than 300 Wesleyan students (in addition to students from Southern Connecticut State U, Eastern Connecticut State U, Trinity College, and Conn College) filled the Tishler Lecture Hall this afternoon to support Planned Parenthood and listen to speeches by Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Southern New England Judy Tabar, President of Wesleyan Michael Roth, Planned Parenthood Campus Interns Zak Kirwood ’12 and Susanna Banks ’13, Alex Ketchum ’12, and Hannah Adams ’13 (daughter of PP’s national president, Richards).

In case you didn’t hear, House Republicans voted to completely defund Planned Parenthood last Saturday. (If you don’t know about PP, now you know.) If the Senate passes the spending bill to which is attached (which it likely/hopefully won’t due to the Democractic majority), millions of Americans will lose an invaluable source of affordable primary and preventive sexual health services. A fact that was shared repeatedly at the rally is helpful here: 1 in 5 women have gone to a Planned Parenthood clinic for health services.

More details, quotes, and photos after the jump.

Planned Parenthood Rally: Protest Signs

Earlier this evening supporters of Planned Parenthood got together and threw a pretty baller rally to get some momentum going behind what is unquestionably a worthwhile cause. As you can see from the post right below this one, we had bunch of great people on campus to speak on the matter, including CT senator Richard Blumenthal (again, you can sign the petition to show your support here).

Now, this is just a quick post –  a full, in-depth coverage will be published sometime soon by hands more capable than mine. But here’s a small teaser: pictures of Weskids and non-Weskids alike getting their message out there on classic placard.

Rally at Trustees’ Meeting

By popular demand from Wes Student Body:

Rally to oppose the new changes to the residency policy, just the latest in a long string of infringements on student rights. Let the trustees know that students still have a voice on this campus. Let them know that we will no longer bend over for the administration and let them dictate our lives. It is time to take a stand. In front of Beckham. At 7pm. On Friday. Be there.

Invite your friends, make some signs (though be an adult), and let’s bring it.

  • Date:   Friday, Feb. 25
  • Time:   7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Place:  Courtyard outside Beckham Hall
  • Facebook event here.

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