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There’s a Riot Goin’ On . . .

. . . in Usdan, specifically, on Wednesday, in favor of a sliding scale payment system for health care for Wesleyan staff. More details from the Facebook event:

Come show support and hear about the situation of the workers on our campus! Wear Wesleyan colors. Join USLAC (United Student Labor Action Coalition) in asking the administration to listen to the concerns of the workers and institute a sliding scale payment system for Health Care, because:

  • Health care costs for Wesleyan staff are sky-rocketing.
  • Wesleyan does not have a sliding scale for employees to pay for health Insurance. Thus, President Roth and the lowest paid administrative assistant pay the same in dollar amount (not percentage of salary) for health insurance.
  • The monthly premium for the family HMO package is $193.38 this year, but will rise to $501.60 in 2011.
  • Many cannot afford to pay these new prices, and will be forced to go without health insurance or turn to the taxpayer financed Husky Plan.
  • Staff must choose a health care plan by November 24th.
  • This could leave staff without health insurance for more than a year.