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Rave at Alpha Delt: Consent is Sexy



An invitation to rave from JT Falcone ‘14.5:

Alpha Delta Phi and Womanist House present a rave with a conscience. No, really. And it’s free too. Come and support safe spaces on campus by dancing. It’s that simple.

Date: Friday, 9/13
Time: 10am-2pm
Location: The Grotto (Basement of Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street)

Rave-id Bowie in the WestCo Cafe

Rave Bowie

Dance veteran and permanent member of the rave patrol would like to  invite you to navigate the Labrynth in neon rave gear:

Let dance veteran and permanent member of the soul patrol, Rave-id
Bowie be your guide for a night of booty shakin’ goodness with the

Friday 4/19 @ 11PM in the cafe. All are welcome (bring your prefrosh too!)

11 – Trillion Dollar Boys Club (BEAMS // Walka Flocka Flame //Colehickey ’09)

Let the bowie be with you.

Date: Friday, April 19
Time: 11 p.m.
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: Free

WesRave in Review – SEND US YOUR PHOTOS!

At 11:15 PM on Friday, May 11, several hundred Wesleyan students all pushed play on the same playlist while congregating on the Denison Terrace – the steps behind Olin. The playlist lasted for 1:50:38 and, much to everyone’s surprise, the large mob did not disperse into smaller groups of rogue agents raging around campus. Instead, the mob remained a massive but entirely mobile group and moved all around campus.

But before we say anything else about this, SEND US YOUR PICTURES FROM WESRAVE! No post about this event would be complete without copious photographic evidence, and I know that people were taking pictures because I saw those flashes going off all night. Send whatever you have to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org and I’ll root through it and recreate the evening with photos.

Where did WesRave go? Check past the jump for a full listing.


Kacha Bott’nique ’13 concoted pretty much the best event for her birthday back in April, and I’m really glad to see it happening again on a much larger scale. If you like to have a fucking awesome time, check out the upcoming silent rave:

To celebrate the end of classes we’re throwing a huge silent rave this Wednesday Friday night.  For a silent rave all one needs is an mp3 player of sorts and a pair of headphones.  We’ll all be listening to the same music (see the website to download the playlist–it’s one file) and hit play at the same time.  With everyone rocking out together we can dance everywhere–outside and inside–without making noise, so be prepared to move.

Preview featuring amazing weskids: Embedded above!

Dance for as long as you want. If you arrive late or get off synch, we’ll be starting at 11:15 on the dot (if you arrive 20 minutes late, start the playlist 20 minutes in).  The playlist is built off of your suggestions and includes a range of music that will move you–we promise.  Contact us if you have a problem downloading the music.
We’ve organized this event for no other reason than to celebrate the end of the year and dance.

We also have 600 glowsticks for the taking.
Meeting time & place: 11PM, Wednesday Friday, Olin steps. Look to the website and Facebook event for updates!
Hit play: 11:15PM, still Wednesday Friday

Neon Delhi Dance Party

THE WESTCO CAFE is hosting this FREE Neon-India themed hybrid dance party THE FRIDAY OF WESFEST that will be sure to make the room bounce.

Guy Fridge @ 10
Gabe Beaudoin & Ryan Gardner @ 11:30
Jason Kilbourne @ 12:30

Time: IN 10 MINUTES (10 p.m.)
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: FREE

Librarians and Barbarians @ ADP

From the raging queens of the barbaric, libraric Alpha Delta Phi Lilly Holman ’15 and Becky Gillig ’12:

RAWR!!!!!! vs. Shhhhhhhhhh! Yes, Librarians and Barbarians is happening at Alpha Delt.  Come Friday you are hereby demanded to come dressed as your most literary or most barbaric and be prepared to dance and be merry.  So be ready to rage like a barbarian or rave like a librarian with DJ Ryan Gardner ’15 and DJ Mammoth (Lina Mamut ’13) at Alpha Delt this Friday.
Date: Friday, February 24
Time: 10:00 pm – 2:00 am
Place: ADP Grotto (enter at the grotto entrance on High St.)
Facebook: link

WestCo Cafe Rave: 80s Edition

WestCo is throwing its first dancealicious rave of the semester, and Ryan Gardner ’15 implores you to leave your fecal/oral transmission at the door (but do shake your booty twice to make up for what we missed tonight). Can you guess what the theme is?

WestCo is throwing its first cafe rave of the new year this Friday, February 10th! The acts we have booked are Shark Frick at 10 PM, Freshmen at 11:30 PM, and Portero at 12:30 AM. The show ends at 2, and it should be a great show, so come on out and get your rave on! (WEAR YOUR BEST 80S WEAR OR WHATEVER WE DON’T JUDGE.)

Date: Friday, Feb. 10
Time: 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: Free

WestCo Cafe Rave: Middle School Dance

From Steve Jobs and Jason Kilbourne ’14:

Yo. This is Steve Jobs. Believe it or not, when I was in Middle School I was a G. Backroom passes, squeezin asses, you know the deal. But you? I saw you. Bein a lil bitch, doin homework, trying to talk to girls. Remember when I asked your crush on a date? Never called her again.

Well this is your chance to make up for bein a dweeb and come kick some ass at the WestCo Café this Saturday, Middle School Style. Fucking wilin’, fight-startin, ass-shakin, condom-wrappers-on-the-floor music you feel me fam? oh and slow dances.

10-11:20 Guy Fridge (UK Bass/Garage/Juke/Kuduru/Freshman)

11:20-12:30 j666n (Crazy House/Moombah/Baile/Bass)

12:30-2 Bastille (Wesleyan/Dancefloor/Legend)

This event is FREE, FUN, and SWAG. Come on time cause we gon’ reach capacity.

Date: Oct. 15
Time: 10:00PM – 2:00 AM
Place: WestCo Café


This Saturday, Psi U, Rho Epsilon, and the MINDS Foundation are teaming up to bring you Ultra Music Festival. The world’s largest electronic and dance music experience is packing up shop in Miami and rolling up to Middletown, for what will be the biggest, sweatiest party of the semester.

2manyDJ’s. Mad Energy. Massive Beats. Positive Vibes.

One Goal: bring all the Bass Heads under one roof.
Music, Food, and Swag throughout the day and night, from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM. Read past the jump for a full DJ list.