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Fare Thee Well, Reading Week (Part Deux)

The “generic” final exam schedule for the fall semester is now up on the Registrar’s website, allowing you to measure the extent of your hardships imposed by the new reading period. Among the highlights:

  • It looks like letting us out more than a week before Christmas proved to be too drastic a step for the powers that be to take. Three seemingly common class time periods–MW 1:10-2:30 (9:00), MW/WF 11:00-12:20 (2:00), and (gulp) TR 1:10-2:30 (7:00) have finals on Tuesday the 16th, the day before housing closes. I feel for those who have class at 1:10 every day.
  • Anyone who has class at 10:00 MWF (9:00) or 2:40 MW/WF (2:00) gets the unenviable experience of taking an exam on a Friday (the 12th). At least there’s no evening session.
  • Strangely, there is no evening session on the 15th (Monday), either. Maybe it’s just me, but my feeling is that it would’ve made more sense to move the evening exams to one of the preceding three exam days, which have no evening sessions.

I, for one, have developed an intense dislike of this new arrangement, as a member of both groups referenced above (as if taking a “W” in micro last semester when my average was a 90 didn’t sting enough, I now have a final in the same class Tuesday evening). Share your reactions and horror stories in the comments!

Fare thee well, ye olde Reading Week

This semester, we will no longer have four or five consecutive days to procras—er, study—during Reading Week. In fact, we will no longer have a Reading Week (even if that was never the official term for it, it usually bordered on being a week).

Behold! The Academic Calendar reveals the schedule:

December 8: classes end
December 9-10: Reading Period
December 11-12: final exams
December 13-14: Reading Period
December 15-16: final exams
December 17: housing closes

Dec. 13-14—the second half of Reading Period—is the weekend.