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Procrastination Destination: Animal Livefeeds


Did yesterday’s therapy dogs leave you wanting more furry love? Are you more excited to go home to your dog/cat/other beloved pet than to your friends or family? Do you still feel “too stressed” to start your Government paper? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or even if you’ve simply abandoned any pretense of getting work done, look no further.

The Internet is an incredible medium for sharing ridiculous and/or adorable animal antics. I think the first thing I ever watched on YouTube was a kitten video. Perhaps even better, though, is the live feed. Live feeds are great for extended periods of procrastination. Even if the puppies you’re watching are sleeping right now, they might wake up! That panda might come back. Also, it’s just one website, so there’s none of the shame of having forty videos in your web history during your “study break.” Contact with pets relieves stress, so probably watching animals on your computer is good for your mental health, right?

Gag Reflex: The “YOU GOT THIS” Reading Week Show

Worrying about that paper looming over your head and need a quick, useful distraction before the weekend begins or you get on back to work? Come to the Lobby of Exley this Tuesday at 8:00 PM to get some useful encouragement for whatever you do from Gag Reflex! It’ll be All-Star Josh Margolin ’11’s last improv show at Wesleyan–you won’t want to miss his CRAAAAAAZY PARTING WORDS!
Date: Tuesday, May 10th
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Exley Lobby
Cost: $0$