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Gag Reflex: The Reading Week Show

Oh young Wesleyanites, let down your flowy, knotted hair, and have no fear!  Gag Reflex is here to turn your troubles into laughter. Stressed about those papers?  Of course you are!  Afraid you’re not going to pass your exams?  You probably won’t! So put your puffy-eyed, amphetamine-tweaked nights of despair on pause and forget your worries with the generous help of that world-renowned troupe of sexy fools, Gag Reflex.  (And, as a bonus for you French majors, Sarkozy, the great codpiece, will be present!  Though he will likely be too busy wiping Merkel’s saliva from his soggy teats to answer any questions.)
DATE: Friday, December 9th
TIME: 8:00 PM
PLACE: WestCo Cafe

Gag Reflex: The “YOU GOT THIS” Reading Week Show

Worrying about that paper looming over your head and need a quick, useful distraction before the weekend begins or you get on back to work? Come to the Lobby of Exley this Tuesday at 8:00 PM to get some useful encouragement for whatever you do from Gag Reflex! It’ll be All-Star Josh Margolin ’11’s last improv show at Wesleyan–you won’t want to miss his CRAAAAAAZY PARTING WORDS!
Date: Tuesday, May 10th
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Exley Lobby
Cost: $0$

Stressed This Reading Week?

Take a tip from Obama. Pet a puppy:

From Eric Stephen ’13:

Sign Language House and WesWell would like you to take a break from studying for finals this Saturday, May 7 from 2:00 to 3:00 and go to Beckham Hall where therapy pets will be just waiting for you to play with them! All pets are trained by the CT Humane Society and owners will be available to answer any questions about the role therapy pets can play in helping relieve stress and anxiety.

Gag Reflex: The Reading Week Show

this appears to be whoopi goldberg bathing in milk

Gag Reflex is having a show tonight! Featuring some A Cappella from Dartmouth’s THE SING DYNASTY. Don’t forget to bring a rain jacket.

Date: Saturday, December 11th
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: $$$NOTHING

Library Hours

University libraries have resumed a reading period schedule this weekend.  Olin is open until 2 am and SciLi is open 24 hours tonight.  Tomorrow, Olin will be open from 10 am to 2 am, and SciLi will be open 24 hours.  The full weekend library schedule is available here.  University librarians Barbara Jones and Pat Tully announce:

Library staff and librarians will be available additional hours this weekend to help students with research and assignments.

The libraries will adjust their schedules for the end of next week to accommodate the change in the exam schedule.  Once the new library hours have been determined, they will be announced to the Wesleyan community.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

WSA Tonight: Shortened Exam/Reading Week

(crossposted at the WSA blog)

Tonight, the WSA will discuss the shortened exam/reading week schedule that was put in place last semester and determine what’s best for students as we negotiate the academic calendar with administrators. Did it help or interfere with your ability to get your work done? Please drop by to share your thoughts.

What: Discussion of the most recent Fall Exam Schedule
When: Tonight, 7pm
Where: Usdan 108

Polish Your Writings Skills During Reading Week

Daniel Selsam ’09 writes in to tell us that there will be two special Reading Week writing workshops:

On Writing Clearly

Bring your tough sentences.

Host: writing tutor Daniel Selsam
When: Tuesday, December 9th 3:45 pm
Where: PAC 104

On Writing Poorly

Struggling between vagueness and obfuscation? Come to this workshop.

Host: writing tutor Max Krafft
When: Tuesday, December 9th, 4:45 pm
Where: PAC 104

Editor’s note: I find this a little goofy – I mean, really – if you’re going to go to just one workshop, and your choices are “On Writing Clearly” vs. “On Writing Poorly,” well, it seems kind of self-evident. But Calvin seems to have other ideas…

Wesleyan Spirits: Fall Jam

Devon Hopkins ’11 tells us about Wesleyan Spirits’ fall jam this coming Friday:

Singing. Songs. A cappella. Men. Wesleyan. Cloaks. Daggers. Horse Monsters. What else could you ask for on a Friday night? Come see the Wesleyan Spirits, Wesleyan’s oldest all-male a cappella group, sing songs of agony and ecstasy- songs from Wesleyan’s past, songs from the Ben Folds’ catalog, songs spiritual, songs of obscure origin, songs of the Republic of Georgia including from the hit native Georgian pop group “The Beetles,” songs for a new world, and a special surprise appearance…

When: Friday, December 12, 2008 at 9:00pm
Where: Memorial Chapel
How much: FREE

Gag Reflex’s Reading Week Show

Mary Lauran Hall ’10 sends in some info about the tomorrow night’s GR show:

Gag Reflex is once again having a reading week show, which should maybe be called a “reading two days and then two days of exams and then reading weekend then more exams” show. Come on down to the science center lobby at 9:30 on Tuesday night! There will be improvisation, there will be laughing, there will be a battle about who has the most stuff to do. And the most work-laden audience member wins a bottle of SoCo. What more could you ask for?

What: Gag Reflex reading “week” show
Where: Science Center lobby
When: Tuesday night, 9:30 PM
Why: ‘Cause we all need a little Southern Comfort
How: Swimmingly

End of Class Roundup

Since there are a good number of events going on in the next few days, I figured I’d do a quick roundup of all of the ones that have been sent to us so far:

Monday, May 5th:
7:00pm: The Imam and the Pastor film screening
8:00pm: Music at Alpha Delt
8:00pm: Ebony Singers Concert
8:00 pm: No Eggshells\Outside
8:00pm: New Teen Force concert in WestCo Cafe.

Tuesday, May 6th:
7:30pm: First Person film screening
8:00pm: WesWinds spring concert
8:00pm: Usdan Night Festival
8:00pm: Contradance in the World Music Hall
8:00pm: Concert at WestCo (AuralWes link)
8:00 pm: No Eggshells\Outside
8:00pm: Waiting in Line final concert (Facebook link)
9:00pm: Lunchbox show
9:00pm: Vocal Debauchery Presents: A Lifetime Original Movie
10:00pm: Prometheus End of the Year show
10:00 pm – 2 am: Naked Party at Earth House
12:00am: Rocky Horror Picture Show screening/performance

Wednesday, May 7th
Noon: Feet to the Fire Festival

If you have any other events, post ’em in the comments and I’ll get them up here as fast as I can. (Other contributors, feel free to add to this!)