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A Repost: Silence is Not the Remedy for Rape

Hey, everyone – I’m taking a break from my usual idiocy to post something that probably can’t be stressed enough. Alanna Badgley ’13, a friend of mine, approached me about posting this on Wesleying before it was published in last Friday’s Argus. I’ll let the piece speak for itself:

To my fellow Wesleyan students:

Here at Wesleyan we tend to believe that we are a part of a progressive and diverse community dedicated to making sure that people of all backgrounds can feel comfortable, respected and safe. This is mostly accurate and so it is all the sadder that there is an unacknowledged darker side that endangers all of us. To be specific: so long as sexual assault continues to be ignored, accepted or excused (and, by some, encouraged) within our community, our campus will continue to be unsafe. As long as alcohol abuse allows us to lose sight of our values as a community, and as long as extreme intoxication is seen as “normal,” we will all be unsafe.

Please don’t assume that this is an attack on the administration for neglecting to address these issues or care for its students. On the contrary, in the past two years, Wesleyan has taken numerous steps to protect survivors of sexual assault, largely as a result of student input. However, we still have a significant problem with rape on this campus and we will continue to have this issue if our collective attitude about sex does not change. The administration can only do so much to clean up after our messes, and only we can decide to change the conversation. We wouldn’t need more resources to protect survivors of sexual assault if sexual assault stopped all together. The problem is that few of you really believe that is possible. Or maybe you are able to pretend that rape doesn’t actually happen at Wesleyan. Allow me to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about myself.

Real Talk: Continued, March 24th

Let’s make this campus like Mac & Cheese and mix it uppppp. Srsly tho, Somebody Mad Awesome ‘?? wrote in to say:

Remember Real Talk, the conversation at the end of last semester about acknowledging the divisions within the active community on campus? Over 60 people showed up to talk through some of the barriers that exist between our communities along various lines. Now its time to follow-up. Lets keep the energy from last semester going, but this time with an emphasis on action.

This Thursday there will be a follow-up to Real Talk where we’ll use small group discussions to brainstorm some of the root causes and invision tangible next steps.  Bring your ideas and bring you friends. Snacks will be provided.

Date:   March 24
Time:   4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Place:  Albritton 311