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The Gospel According to Josh


Join us for a unorthodox, dare I call it, “indie” musical theater experience…

Come to a special performance by Josh Rivedal, actor, producer and ordained minister;

“A 30-character, 12 song one-man show about a boy’s journey through religion, reality TV, and his Father’s suicide”.

For more info check out Josh’s website: www.thegospelaccordingtojosh.com and the Facebook Event

Date: Thursday, February 23rd
Time: 8:00-9:00 PM
Place: Shanklin 107

Sponsored by CAPS and Active Minds

Hear what those off the beaten track,indie critics have to say after the jump

Stone & Stone on Last Comic Standing!

Wesleyan has had significant success in recent years getting its alums pretty far on reality TV shows (Kim Stolz ’05 in America’s Next Top Model, David Olsen ’01 the winner of Beauty & The Geek 4, Jordan Schulkin ’06 on Yo Momma, AND ALSO Zach Webster ’06 on Clash of the Choirs.

The trend continues with Adam and Todd Stone ’05 making it to this season’s Last Comic Standing, which premiered last night on NBC. NBC has a video up featuring them already – check it out.

Psi U on TV!

Undergraduate President Charles Kurose ’10 and Treasurer Benjie Messinger-Barnes ’09 will be appearing live on a Connecticut Public Access TV programming show on the evening of Tuesday, March 4, at 8:00 p.m.

The purpose of the show is to highlight the achievements of a member of the Middletown area community. It airs on the first Tuesday of each month, and this month the Xi has been given the privilege of being featured on the show. Kurose and Barnes will be representing the Xi and fielding questions from a panel about the many ways in which Xi Brothers give back to the Wesleyan and Middletown communities.

The show is entitled “On the Move” and will air at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 4 (tonight!), on channel 15, a Comcast local programming station.

Wes alumnus wins "reality" TV show

Nina Cohodes ’09 brought it to our attention that Wesleyan alumnus David Olsen ’01 recently won the “reality” TV show Beauty and the Geek 4.

The 28-year old LARPer (Wikipedia) and master of the Freemasonry Lodge in Somerville, Massachusetts (The Somerville News) majored in Physics and Astronomy while here at Wes (official site).

Olsen took home $250,000 for his victory. I’ve never seen the show, but congrats, David! And now, as for me, it’s time for bed.