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More Animal Sex: Green Porno 2


Film royalty/Wesleyan donor Isabella Rossellini is back with round two of “Green Porno“, her absurdly hilarious (and educational!) vanity project depicting the sexual habits of various animals. Last time it was bugs – this time it’s sea creatures.

I feel like these videos distill everything I learned about evolutionary mating strategies in my Animal Behavior class, except with puppets. At least, Isabella Rossellini dressed as a whale with an erection is going to be a pretty excellent visual aid on the final.

The videos aren’t embeddable, but you can watch them all on the Sundance Channel site.

Green Porno: Sex to Die For

So you’re done with finals, kinda bored, and maybe looking for something sexy to pass the time? This is the total opposite of that, unless you get off to Isabella Rossellini wearing bug costumes and simulating arthropod intercourse.

Check out Green Porno, a series of eight bizarrely hilarious (and informative!) short videos written by and starring the classy actress. Rossellini starts each clip by saying “If I were a… [insert bug name]”, and then using life-size costumes, puppets, and animation to imagine herself as the male half of each slightly anthropomorphized coupling (unless the bug is hermaphroditic).

Here’s a preview:

Fight brain rot! The full videos are here.

Bill O’Reilly Dance Remix

A video has been making waves across the Internet this week of Bill O’Reilly, everybody’s favorite conserva-pundit, flipping out over a teleprompter malfunction. This is the remix!

Political Ridiculosity: It’s Rainin’ McCain

I can’t tell if this video is for real, but following in the grand tradition of gems like Obama Girl, Hillary4UandMe, will.i.am’s “Yes We Can!”, and Helter Skelter with wacky Mike Gravel, three soulfully tone-deaf women calling themselves the McCain Girls revamp everybody’s favorite unambiguously gay anthem, “It’s Raining Men”, to suit everybody’s favorite wacky Republican presidential candidate:

Forreal! Best moment: 1:42, when, indeed, it rains McCain.

[EDIT] Ok here is truth.

Human Slinky

Sooner or later, you knew Wesleying over Winter Break would succumb to posting random YouTube videos. Well, it’s happened. A Wesleying reader sent us this video of a human Slinky. Apparently Mr. Slinky was rejected from America’s Got Talent. What a shame.