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WSA Prank Incites Panic, Rage

If you received a convincing enough “Notice of Pending Disciplinary Action and Student Judicial Board Hearing” in your inbox yesterday, you can relax now. You’re not in trouble—just kinda gullible.

Last year, on April 1, the WSA sent out an email announcing Rebecca Black as a surprise addition to the Spring Fling lineup. (Weirdly enough, so did Bard.) Wesleyan yawned. The previous year, they declared Sarah Palin the surprise Commencement speaker. Lame. This year, they sent out a vague SJB notice to all-campus. People took notice.

Funny? Mean-spirited? Brutally obnoxious? I think it was well-played. If you read a little closer, you’ll see that it’s credited to one “April Stulti,” and—well, props to whichever WSA person is studying Latin. Did anyone show up at the WSA meeting? (“But I didn’t even go out last night!”)

Click past the jump for the email in full. In other news, Rick Santorum is Middletown-bound on April 19. Anyone got any other decent April Fools pranks to report? We should have reported on this yesterday, but man, we was Weasleyin‘, you know?

Bard Also Cops Rebecca Black for Spring Fling (NAAAHHHT)

Yesterday, April Fools’ Day, we posted an obviously hoaxy but still chuckle-worthy WSA announcement that may have come two Fridays too late: Rebecca Black, infamous teenybopper behind the viral video smash “Friday,” will also be opening Spring Fling, along with the previously announced lineup. Hopefully this addition won’t give you as much pronunciation trouble as “Raekwon” and “Wavves.”

The crux? Bard’s student government somehow played the exact same April Fools’ Joke on its own student body up in Annandale-on-Hudson. Apparently rampant semi-satirical-but-also-on-point dinner party decadence isn’t the only factor uniting Wes with Bard. Fun Fun Fun!

Here’s the full email announcement sent out to Bardians yesterday:

Dear Bardians,
Though possible impending snow may make it seem like a long way away, I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that in less than one month from now we will be partying it up at spring fling! Senior projects will be in (oh how we hope) and the end of year approaching.

An Important Message from the WSA

Yo yo, check out this fantastic(al) addendum to our just-announced Spring Fling lineup, from the WSA:

Dear Students,

The WSA has been working with the Social Committee to organize an exciting Spring Fling. In addition to the announced lineup, we are pleased to announce that internet sensation Rebecca Black will be opening Spring Fling with her smash hit, “Friday.” This new act will make history as Rebecca Black will be the youngest performer to play at a Wesleyan Spring Fling.

Additionally, the WSA would like to thank the President’s Office for financing all additional costs related to Rebecca Black’s performance.

Hopefully now WESU will step up its game and devote an entire show to this gorgeous, 5x-slowed-down remix of “Friday,” which I’d characterized as Rebecca-Black-meets-Alvin-Lucier-on-Valium:

Baths Plays Eclectic, Watches Rebecca Black

Post-Linus + Post-Dubstep = Post-Eclectic?

Post-Dubstep may not be the most photogenic movement (possible exception for all you Blakeheads), and Wednesday night shows may not be Eclectic’s rowdiest (hello, 12:00 quiet hours), but so what? Baths’ Will Wiesenfeld put on a fine show last night, hammering out most (all?) of debut album Cerulean—notable crowd faves included “Maximalist,” “Animals,” and “Lovely Bloodflow”—with just a Macbook, MPC, and single voice mic. Recent campus fave Treasure Island opened up the show (and will also be playin’ at tomorrow night’s Wild Wes benefit).

Below you’ll find some photos from the set. The last five are by Rachel Pincus ’13; the rest are by me. Unfortunately, I have none of Treasure Island. If you do, feel free to send `em to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Let us know if you want a name credit.

But first, a happy bonus: Baths’ Wiesenfeld had lunch with some of the show’s organizers earlier today, who showed him the works: Usdan Marketplace, and Rebecca Black’s alluringly dreadful (and dreadfully alluring) “Friday” video. No, seriously, he apparently hadn’t seen it before. Check out his reaction: