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Recess Rocks! Volunteers

Jelisa Adair ’13 is making me nostalgic:

What: Recess Rocks! is a program designed to help keep children active during their recesses in the winter months. It is a fun, dance focused program that anyone can learn to teach!
When: Volunteer any weekday you are available between 11-2! There is one mandatory training on Tuesday, November 27th from 6:00-9:00pm, location TBA.
Who: Anyone who likes children and wants to get involved in the Middletown Community!

For more information, contact wesleyanchc(at)gmail.com

Where in the World Is Steve Roslonek?

…in upbeat, instructional children’s music videos, apparently.

So, it’s two weeks into spring semester of senior year. Just when you think liberation is in your grasp, you feel it gradually being snatched away as you realize the daunting future that looms ahead of you. Ah, to be a kid again…

But who says you can’t? Certainly not Steve Roslonek ’93, a former member of the Spirits (edit courtesy of the comments section) now known as SteveSongs. Attempting to fill the gap created by the departure of the other, perhaps better-known Steve (who has evidently discarded the congenial mantle he once assumed in favor of a more douchey, faux-emo, Justin Timberlake-esque style) from the children’s television gamut, Roslonek performs on intermediate segments of the PBS Kids Preschool Block (aired during the highly-coveted 8:00am weekday primetime block).

A recipient of the highly-coveted Parents’ Choice Award and the iParenting Media Awards, SteveSongs allegedly holds 200-400 concerts a year, surely attended by hordes of aspiring pre-Bieberites.