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Obama Reelected; Arya Carries Flag, Leads Wesleyan in National Anthem

Breaking: “Our nation is a once great nation divided!”

Last night, around 11:15 p.m., NBC, among other major news networks, projected a reelection win for Obama after noting polling trends in battleground states. Almost immediately, Twitter exploded. Facebook exploded. The President(‘s campaign staff) tweeted:

By the time the notoriously reluctant Fox News called the election, it was clearly over. But in Exley 150, Wesleyan was still watching a glitchy ABC livestream, which was probably about 10 minutes behind and too busy zooming in on electoral maps on people’s iPads to realize that the election had been called. Wesleying liveblogged the moment. The anticipation was palpable. Projected wins for Obama in New Hampshire and Minnesota garnered huge cheers; it was an equally fantastic moment when ABC called the Massachusetts Senate race for Elizabeth Warren, one of the most genuinely progressive moments of the night.

When the projection for Ohio finally came through, the real cheers broke out, followed by “Obama! Obama!,” followed by a semi-ironic chant: “USA! USA!” Then The Wesleyan Fight Song. Then more cheers. Then someone passed around tequila. Then more cheers. Then Arya Alizadeh ’13, Zak Malik ’14, and others hoisted an American flag and led the crowd through the National Anthem. (Not particularly out of the ordinary for Arya, to be fair.)