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Unofficial Orientation 2018: What I Wish I Knew

You’ve spent the last month with us reading about what to pack, what to think about when choosing classes, and of course, following the journey of the interesting ways Wesleyan operates. I remember when I was a pre-frosh, stalking every Wesleying article I could get my mouse on, and trying to piece together what my first semester would look like. I was right on a few things, but I was definitely unprepared with a few, err, a lot of this.

Sdz started a post last year called “Things I Wish I Knew as a First Year,” which was featured after Unofficial Orientation, and we’ve decided to fully integrate it into the series. We’ve been in your shoes, and want to help you by telling you our very, very wise wisdom that we can embark on you.

The advice in this column was anonymously sent into Wesleying’s TipBox by many wonderful members of Wesleyan’s community. Take a deep breath, get off of Instagram, and take a minute to read it.

Eco Art at Usdan

The Environmental Politics seminar would like to invite you to rethink “garbage” this week!

Check out the two eco art installations outside of Usdan that are designed to help us reflect on the waste that we produce though our collective life on campus, as well as discover new and beautiful things that can be created from our trash. Most of the material was collected over the past weekend.

Take a seat in our structure and write your reflections and eco-pledges on the pad of paper provided. Also, take time to meet Wasted – our Solo cup man.

We also invite you to come inside Usdan from 11-1 any day this week to make your own eco art.  We have some supplies at our table, but we also encourage you to bring your own (e.g. the coffee cup or clam shell that you’re about to throw away).