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Wesleyan Releases Regular Decision Letters to the Class of 2023 And HOLY FUCKING HELL I AM OLD

“jesus fucking christ, i am going to be a whole four years older than these fucking CHILDREN”

-me, right now


In some news about new people coming to this campus, Regular Decision admission letters were released to the Class of 2023 (HOLY FUCK) this past Saturday at approximately 3 PM.

If you’re reading this, you should be feeling the following emotions:

  1. FROSH: Aw cool! New people! We’re not frosh! (So you thought)
  2. SOPHOMORES: oh man, i’m old
  4. SENIORS: sorry, I haven’t reached this point yet. check back in next year.
    1. Probably: how many days till I graduate?

Although we at Welseying are a real reputable source of information on campus, we still haven’t heard anything about the admission rate for this year; but on the other hand, if you’re here because you’ve just gotten in and are asking yourself what the literal fuck is a Wesleyan, we’re glad you’re here.

Wesleyan Releases Regular Decision Letters to the Class of 2021 and I’m Old as Shit

“Did Lin Manuel Miranda really breathe on these admissions brochures?” – Someone at WesFest last year probably


Real news alert: according to an Instagram post from Wesleyan Admission, regular decision admissions letters were released to the Class of 2021 today at 3PM. Excitement! If you’re a current student, this means several things: (1) We’re old, really old, (2) We’re that much closer to WesFest and thesis deadline and 4/20?, and (3) many reflections on the cyclical nature of things, in times like these, in places such as right here.

There’s no word yet on our acceptance rate for this year, or whether we came close to meeting last year’s record of 12,000 applicants. I can confirm, however, that someone is predicting the Christian apocalypse to occur in 2021 and, according to several futurist blogs, male birth control is likely to be made widely-available by 2021 and Greenland is likely to move toward full independence.

But yeah, hello, prefrosh! Consider this your alternative acceptance letter:

Hello Lil’ 2020 Prefrosh!


Hi so Regular Decision notifications went out today. This year, Wes set its record for the highest number of applications received, a 22% increase from last year. If you check the Wesleyan thread on College Confidential (yikes), not only will you be wondering why you are there, but you will also know that I’m not bullshitting you, the decisions are actually out.

And guess what! President Roth tweeted about it:

RD Letters Go Out to the Class of 2017, WesAdmits Doesn’t Heat Up

#dearwesleyan2017 Start a band, don’t forget to shower.


Congrats to all the prefrosh currently reading this post! YAY. YOU GOT IN. WOOOOO.

In other Wesleyan admissions decision news:

  • Wesleyan’s College Confidential page is blowing up as students try to pinpoint what could have possibly gone wrong/gone right/gone eh by writing up and publishing their entire high school résumés online.
  • Twitter goes crazy.
  • WesAdmits 2017 is lukewarm at best. No crazy posts asking about the circus count at Wesleyan, no “Convince me to choose Wesleyan over Brown” assholes, and no ridiculous amounts of upperclassmen trolling. Sigh. PREFROSH, MAKE IT BETTER.

See lots of prefrosh being all prefrosh-y (plus a special appearance by the Usdan Cooks) after the jump.


Fun fact: although applications for the Class of 2015 went down 5.5% since last year, enthusiasm among admitted students has gone up 6.74% to make up for it.

They’re heeeeere.

According to our shiny admissions site, Regular Decision applicants to Wesleyan’s Class of 2015 received their online decision notifications at 3:00 this afternoon, and you know what that means: hundreds of screaming prefrosh on Facebook, excited as all hell to learn about their fellow 2015-ers’ locations, music taste, heights(?), and general thoughts on Kurosawa and dubstep and crunchy vs. smooth peanut butter and anyone-want-to-buy-my-extra-GY!BE-ticket? (Best comment: “i didn’t know anyone else has ever heard of Godspeed You! Black Emperor! haha.” Welcome to Wes, man. It’s a magical place.) One of our future classmates made a Wes 2015 message board. Another is even dreaming about us:

Last night I had the craziest dream that we were in our first week at Wesleyan and all of our dorms were in random shore houses with tons of pebbles in the front yards. Also everyone was asleep at 12:30 P.M. and I was walking behind Mike the Situation looking as he tried to help me find people I knew.

Also out and about: scores of current freshmen strangely anxious to offer up essay-length, exclamation point-happy bios usually ending with offers to “answer ANY and ALL questions you have” (seriously, anything, just shoot me an email at avanwyngarden@wes, I promise nothing’s too personal) and even “get any other information about 200 Church or the Butts if you guys need it.” Thanks for the enthusiasm, guys.  Note to prefrosh: the ACB might be a better venue for some of your questions. (Oh, and obligatory bonus CollegeConfidential creepiness: if you’re more interested in your future classmates’ SAT scores, income brackets, and frequent inability to use HTML code, click here. I couldn’t make it past the first page.)

Congratulations, admits! With WesFest 2011 just three weeks away (scope the events calendar here), this seems as good a time as any to offer up a very Wesleying welcome to Wesleyan (and a tasteful slice of condolence pie to those who didn’t make it). Choose Wes! If this introductory orientation video package doesn’t convince you, I can’t fathom what will: