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Guest Post: A Letter From Andre Pierce, Wesleyan Student and Cheshire Correctional Institution Prisoner

“Wesleyan Aids a Prisoner in Rehabilitation”


Andre Pierce writes in to share his experience as a member of the Wesleyan community through the Center for Prison Education:

In 2009 Wesleyan University entered Cheshire Correctional Institution (C.C.I.) and began aiding in my rehabilitation. My enrollment in the Center for Prison Education (CPE) has first and foremost improved me as a student. My identity as a student is one in which I take pride. Unfortunately, I’m more than a student; I’m also a prisoner, one who’s on a reach for rehabilitation. I, however, prefer to not compartmentalize my identity as a college student and prisoner, but rather have them interact and feed off of each other. I use the tools acquired as a student to cross over and aid in my rehabilitation.

CPE was co-founded by former Wesleyan students Lexi Sturdy ’10 and Russell Perkins ’10. They brought CPE to prison grounds in 2009, allowing for prisoners at C.C.I. to earn college credits from courses on par with those offered on campus. I, along with 18 other prisoners, was accepted into the program after submitting two essays and undergoing an interview. My initial academic performance was mediocre at best resulting largely from a lack of focus and discipline as opposed to a lack of academic acumen. However, over the course of three years I gained a focus and discipline that allowed me to progress from an undisciplined mediocre student to one of great discipline and proficiency.