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Undergrad Math Club Presents: David Constantine: The Backwards World of Minkowski Geometry

Caryn Canalia introduces us to trippyworld:

We are all familiar with Euclidean geometry, since we walk around in it every day. But making just one small change to Euclidean geometry produces the very strange world of Minkowski geometry, where the distance between distinct points can be zero or even negative, where the triangle equality runs backwards, and where a straight line is the longest path between two points. As it turns our, we should be familiar with Minkowski geometry since it, rather than Euclidean geometry, is actually what we walk around in all day. I’ll explain why (spoiler alert: relativity), and we’ll see how the backwards triangle inequality implies that if you get bored during my talk you can walk back and forth quickly at the back of the room and it will be over sooner for you.

Lunch too!

Date: Tomorrow, November 15th
Time: 12pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: N/A

The Veritas Forum: True for You… But not for Me—Is there Wisdom in Relativism?

Why choose between ellipses, em dashes, and question marks when you can include all three in your lecture title? Ging-Ji Nathan Wang ’13 dares to ask:

The Veritas Forum at Wesleyan presents . . .

A conversation offering both Pragmatist and Christian perspectives.
Moderated by Wesleyan Professor of History Richard Elphick.


  • Elise Springer, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Wesleyan University
  • Greg Ganssle, Lecturer in Philosophy, Rivendell Institute at Yale University

Date: Thursday, February 23
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Place: Exley Science Center Tishler Hall
Cost: Free