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Kim Kardashian at Commencement 2017? We Interviewed the Student Leading the Charge.

Hello. It’s only Wednesday of the first week of classes, and many of us are already peering toward commencement. I, personally, am ponderously gazing at the colorful produce photographs on Weshop’s south façade from the all-too-removed realm of Pi Cafe and thinking “GET ME THE TF OUT OF HERE.”

Naturally, I was very thankful and intrigued to see that Oliver Goodman ’17 was already thinking about who should speak at Wesleyan Commencement 2017. Monday night, Oliver started circulating a Change.Org petition to bring Kim Kardashian to speak as our 2017 Commencement Speaker. The petition now has 81 supporters. I interviewed Oliver about the petition for funsies:

Chris Gethard Comes to Wes

Rachel Kaly ’17 just ate a huge bucket of cheese by herself. Now she is feeling #stressed because dairy is known to #inducebloat. Does anyone have any GasX they could lend Rachel Kaly ’17??? Please advise:

Presented to you by the Wesleyan Comedy Committee: Chris Gethard is comin’ to do some dope stand-up at Wes on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13 AT 8PM IN THE WESTCO CAFE. Capacity is around 160 so we’re expectin’ a full house to be sure. We might even have some student openers so come support ur funny friends! THIS EVENT IS FREE Y’ALL