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Check Those Butts: Butterfield Open House

From ResLife:

If you have not yet seen the new Butterfield spaces, this is your chance! Stop by Butterfield B lounge between 2:00-3:00 on Tuesday, October 9. Refreshments will be served, and representatives will be available in all three buildings to show you around and answer questions.

Or if you can’t make it, check out our photos from the beginning of the semester.

Date: Tomorrow, October 9th
Time: 2pm
Place: Butterfield B Lounge

Photos: The Butts Have Received an Augmentation

Missing In Action: That classic musty Butts smell.

The renovations and expansions in the Butts that we observed at the beginning of this summer are now complete—that is to say, the Butterfields now have a new identity and meaning to this crop of freshmen.

Some of the new spaces are retrofitted from old COL and Career Center offices and lounges, and others were created with the help of slight extensions to the actual building—the overhang in Butt C, for example, is now an indoor space, though its stone steps are thoughtfully preserved. Kitchens and laundry rooms in each unit, and a fresh coat of Wesleyan Red paint, also mark the dawning of a new era. The freshmen who didn’t get the new rooms, which are air-conditioned, are clearly envious (though some might eventually realize the advantages of living in a single).

And the unmistakable, musty “Butts smell”?  “People keep telling me it smells like different things,” said Katie Lindeman ’16 (who is from Amherst, MA) from her spacious new triple. To my nose, it smelled like pepper. Photos of the renovations after the jump.