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Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Dorm Living FAQ

Dear Frosh,

At this point in the summer, you are probably fretting over things like college. A sense of melancholy (or jittery excitement and increased WesAdmits activity, if you hated high school) has creeped up on you. Are you making lists of toiletries and getting boxes from Staples to pack your life into? Wondering how much action your soon-to-be bed has gotten in the past? A lot, probably.

But don’t be too frazzled—Samira and Lukeguy-walker are about to answer your 40ish most pressing questions related to waking-up-and-instantly-having-200-or-so-of-your-peers-to-hang-out-with.

First, this is the fifth Dorm Living FAQ post in the six years that Wesleying’s been doing them, which means that you (Frosh) are just as confused, eager, and enthusiastic as all the Frosh who’ve come before you. Second, it means we should exchange wood and daisies or something. Third, the pertinent FAQ doesn’t change much from year to year, so we tend to repost much of the original guide by Norse Goddess Holly-and-Xue ’08 (cuz it’s still damn good  and we’re still damn lazy). This re-vamped guide is up to date and full of Wesjargon: