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Fall Break Dining Hours

Thanks to an Anonymous commenter for the following:

  • Weshop: 2-6 all break long (Fri-Tues)
  • Pi: Regular hours Friday, Closed Sat-Tues
  • 1st floor Usdan: Regular hours (8am-8pm) all break long
  • 2nd floor Usdan: Regular hours Friday, closed Sat-Mon, open for Tues dinner (5-8)
  • Summerfields: Closed Fri-Tues
  • Late Night: Closed Fri-Mon, open Tues (this according to Brian DeCicco, the manager of the Marketplace)

For those of you who haven’t found it, the dining website is at www.wesleyan.edu/dining

Unfortunately, BA has declined to provide us with an online version of the fall break schedule (at least, that I can find.)