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Use the Ride Board


Just a reminder to everyone with Thanksgiving coming up – use the Ride Board!

It’s located in your Student Portfolio, under “Student Life.” Get a ride, give a ride, share the cost of gas – win for everyone!

Split a Ride on the Ride Board

If you’re looking to get a ride somewhere for break, or are driving somewhere and looking for company/gas money, remember that the Ride Board exists. It’s in your Student Portfolio, under the “Student Life” heading.

Also, if you’ve got any comments or ideas about the Ride Board, tell David Markowitz ’11 of the WSA at dmarkowitz@wes. He’ll be meeting with ITS to discuss how to improve the site.

Wesleyan Online Ride Board: Post, Ride, Smile

Tired of shelling out money to expensive cab companies? Fed up with hitchhiking? Want somebody to share the cost of gas? Need that map navigator? Or just know you want to get home this break?

Well, the WSA (in conjunction with EON + SAFT and made by ITS) has launched an Electronic Ride Board through the e-portfolio. We need that critical mass to post in order to make it helpful, and, if there’s heavy use, expect even more improvements in the future.

The Rideboard which is located at http://quicklink.wesleyan.edu/rideboard (yes, you have to log in first, then it takes you right there)



-the Wesleyan Student Assembly