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Street price of an RJD2 ticket?

I’m not sellling, but I had an interesting conversation tonight and I can’t help but wonder: what’s it worth?

Three goats and a thistle of hay? A hundredweight of goosedown and three pecks of corn? A blowjob? $32? What the fuck is a peck anyway?

Seriously though – I’m actually curious. Would any anonymous scalpers out there care to enlighten the community? Or has anyone bought one?

Psi Upsilon Presents: RJD2

Maybe some of you have heard RJD2 rumors floating around? Well here is the real deal!

What: Psi U Presents: RJD2
When: Thursday, October 25th at 9:30pm-12:30am
Where: Beckham Hall
How: Cash or Student Account! -Box office in Usdan – $12

There are only 500 tickets to be had and the show will sell out, sorry! Also this will be the inaugural concert for the newly renovated hall in Fayerweather. Likely to be one of the biggest shows at Wes this year.