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Public Safety Alert: Another Week, Another Robbery

Last month I spent a weekend on campus, nearly got robbed, and only realized it the following morning, when a Public Safety Alert popped into my inbox. I urged students on campus to stay alert at night; it’s a lot more desolate than it is during the semester, and small-time criminals know it.

Unnervingly enough, Middletown robberies happen in broad daylight on Sundays, too:

Public Safety would like to inform the community that on Sunday July 1 at approximately 2:08pm a student was walking in the area of William St and Hamlin St when he was approached by two suspects who displayed a hand gun and demand his wallet and phone. The student complied and the after the suspects left he walked to the Public Safety office.

P-Safe Alert: Robbery on Church

Around 11:50 last night, while walking across campus with another student, I noticed two guys in hooded sweatshirts following us from a significant distance near College Row. We walked faster. They pursued. We turned a corner. Eventually, they were out of sight.

I put the incident out of mind until today, when this Public Safety Alert appeared in my (and your) inbox. I’m reposting it here as a casual PSA for anyone at Wes over the summer: stay alert at night. Campus gets pretty desolate after 10 p.m., and if you’re traveling solo, consider yourself vulnerable to this sort of thing:

Public Safety would like to alert the community that on Sunday June 17 at 12:18AM a male reported that he was robbed on Church St. The victim stated that he was approached by two males as he walked alone along Church St in the vicinity of Olin Library. He stated the males displayed facsimile handguns, knocked him to the ground and kicked him. He stated that the suspects took his cell phone and ring before fleeing on foot. The victim declined medical attention.

Breaking: Armed Robbery in Nics, Police Searching for Suspects

If you’re on campus or anywhere near the Foss Hill dorms, you probably hear MPD sirens rushing by. I just got this text from an anonymous Wesleying tipster:

I was in P-Safe and heard “assailant” and “pistol” and then saw about 6 MPD cars with sirens. Then after the fact they said something like “we have a major situation here” and when I was like “sorry if I have bad timing” they said “yeah, really bad timing.” Keep your eyes out for an email.

Also found this brief report from WFSB Channel 3 news:

Middletown police said officers are searching for two suspects involved inĀ an armed robbery at Wesleyan University.

Police said the robbery happened at about 7:15 Saturday night.

No description of the suspects was immediately available.

Check back with wfsb.com for more on this developing story.

P-Safe refuses to give out any information over the phone but says there will be an all-campus text message soon, so stay by your phone. We’ll update this post as more information rolls in.

Update, 8:09 pm: According to another anonymous tip, the break-in took place in Nics 5, second floor. Money and possibly other goods were stolen. Victims are being interviewed by the police right now.