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Postponed Drops Season Finale

 “A lot more.”

For the much of Postponed’s first season, we’ve been watching lovable goofs Chris (Chris Correa ’10) and Robby (Robby Hardesty ’12) gallop around Wesleyan’s campus, stirring up trouble in an attempt to survive life after college. For the season finale, you’d expect more butt pirates of the same. Right? Wrong.

This finale is the opposite of Digornio. By which I mean, it delivers. And what it delivers is a combination of swanky party and epic heist. I don’t want to spoil anything, so instead I’ll draw you a metaphor picture. Imagine the hit movie Ocean’s 11. It’s a lot like that. No, they don’t steal the Bellagio, and no, Brad Pitt doesn’t appear in all his rugged handsomeness, but this final episode still delivers feisty, heisty, Oceany goods. If I recall George Clooney’s famous line from Ocean’s 11 correctly, “Tonight, we dine in Hell!”

Dine away, you internet scavengers, and enjoy this epic finale. The web series put out a call for extras just last week, so maybe you’ll spot yourself.

If you need to catch up, you can find the previous episodes here and here. As always, Postponed features Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Ian Park ’11 as directors; Gabe Elder ’11, Brian Velsor, and Ian Park as editors;  Chris Correa and Brian Velsor as writers; and Robby Hardesty ’12 and Chris Correa as actors.

Postponed Drops Penultimate Episode, Seeks (Paid!) Extras

“It’s rare that you don’t remind me of a dumpster. And I know dumpsters.”

Ladies and Gentleman, the second to last episode of the Postponed web series is out. And this episode has it all. Featuring Chris Correa ’10, and Robby Hardesty ’12 as well as a handful of other Wespeople, Postponed continues with all the trials and tribulations that comes with living in a van with your homeless best friend.

We follow our protagonists Chris and Robby as they battle their evil foe, Damien the Admissions Officer, who in Episode Five, blackmails the duo into paying him money they don’t have. This puts a stress on the boys’ relationship, and what follows is a beautiful combination of Humans vs. Zombies, Shakespeare, man hugs, and ultimately, a confession.  (But first we get to see how to pull off a “butt pirate” costume.)

The best part of Episode Six? Its cliffhanger ending. Obviously, something big is going to happen in Episode Seven. If you want to prepare yourself for the epic season finale, catch up on the other episodes here, here, here, and here.

In related news, the Postponed team is seeking extras for its final episode, which is being filmed on Saturday, and they’re willing to offer pay(!!!). Details past the jump.


At last a breath of only semi-polluted air!  Tonight marks a pivotal moment not only in the illustrious music history of Wesleyan, but of AMERICA.  An album that has been setting underground music blogs and unsuspecting young women’s hair on fire for the past few humid weeks is finally being released to the public: Chilly Phoenix’s long-awaited debut EP, The Trident, a breathtaking achievement four long and arduous years in the making.  Robby Hardesty ’12 and David Thompson ’11 birthed the concept of this album through bouts of sweaty, drug-induced insomnia in the fall of 2007, and have been battling not only each other, but the dark forces of the free market to climb to this pinnacle of musical craftsmanship ever since.  The Trident may be the only thing that can pull America out its Great Impoverishment–get it before the Internet explodes all over your keyboard.  This shit is safer than gold and may just be the Next Big Market.  The supply is limited and the demand is high, so prices may shoot through the roof if you don’t act soon.

If you purchase The Trident, you will receive copious amounts of bonus materials, including journals from the time of the album’s creation, personal photographs, speeches, treatises, expense accounts, and more.  The album is available to stream or buy at the band’s Bandcamp page.  Also check out Hardesty and Thompson’s day-in, day-out, soul-boning activities on their Twitter.  Investment is preferred to thievery.  No free lunches, honkeys.