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Music Video: Seniors Drop “Late Night F******” for Music History Class

Heads up: “F*****” is either not what you think it is, or exactly what you hope it is.

Who needs an established music career in order to come up with solid music and entertaining videos? Definitely not the group that calls itself the Foss Hill Five, whose catalog of music up to this point was… nonexistent. But in MUSC 108, that doesn’t matter.

You heard right: “Late Night F*****” was written, recorded, and produced for a class right here at Wesleyan, a class that I myself am in. The incomparable (and so very liberal-arts sounding) “History of Rock and R&B” has its students team up to create songs, music videos, and even a class magazine for both a midterm and final project. Well, in addition to a test, which I am procrastinating studying for by writing up this blog post.

Aside from us boring people who wrote essays or designed a publication, some students rapped, remixed, re-instrumented, or re-sung existing tunes. But the most creative students went original, composing their own music, lyrics, and performing it all themselves.

That was the route taken by the ensemble of Henry Molofsky ’13 (Keyboard, Bass Synth, Lyrics, Composition), Adam Brudnick ’13 (Guitar, Production), Camille Bordet-Sturla ’13 (Vocals), Michael Zazzaro ’13 (Guitar, Composition) and Alex Kuwada ’13 (Vocals, Lyrics), who devised “Late Night F*****” as an ode to “the ultimate Wesleyan weekend transition: from partying on Fountain to ordering Falafel Cart.”

Get your mind out of the gutter— “F*****” is just “Falafel.” Watch the video above, and then read more about this epic, school-mandated collaboration

Kyle McNeill and the Stumble @ the Westco Café

Nick Selden ’16 likes good music and contemplating the more profound topics of life. Do you?

Kyle McNeill and the Stumble is a rock and roll band from Los Angeles. They’re blowing up on the LA Music Scene. Taking cues from rock, jazz, and blues Kyle McNeill is a song writer contemplating the more profound topics of life. If you like good music this show is for you.

Wesleyan’s own singer-songwriter Andrew Hove ’15 will be opening.

Date: Saturday, November 17th
Time: 10:00 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Westco Café
Sound: Cloud