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Rocky Horror on Monday

This Monday night after classes end, at 11:59 PM, come see ABSENT TOAST, Wesleyan’s Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in the Chapel. Please don’t bring anything to throw, we’ll provide some for you.

“I pledge allegiance to the Lips of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and to the Decadence for which they stand: One movie, under Richard O’Brien, with sensual Daydreams and Erotic Nightmares for all. We are Absent Toast, your friendly Wesleyan Rocky cast. Come see our nipples.”

Date: Monday, Dec. 8
Time: 11:59 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

Rocky Horror comes to Middletown

Evan Galatz of the Phoenix Theater Company writes:

We are a local community-based theater that will be performing Rocky Horror in Middletown later this month.

Call 860 291–2988 or email chris@phoenixtheater.us for tickets.

Date: Friday, Oct. 24
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Lidia’s (54 Washington St.)
Cost: $20 for students

Date: Saturday, Oct. 25
Time: 8:00 PM and midnight

Date: Friday, Oct. 31
Time: 8:00 PM and midnight

Date: Saturday, Nov. 1
Time: 8:00 PM and midnight