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Film Series: The Lobster

2015. Greece/UK. Dir: Yurgos Lanthimos. With Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz. 118 min.

A newly divorced schlub has forty-five days to find a new partner at a single’s retreat or else be transformed into an animal of his choosing. Dogtooth auteur Lanthimos builds on his far-out premise in unexpected ways, constructing an absurdist parable about love that’s deeply unsettling yet surprisingly human.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5

NYT Awards Wes Student a Notable Mention in Modern Love Essay Contest

This past February, the New York Times Sunday Styles section held a college essay contest centered on the topic of modern collegiate romance — a phenomenon increasingly characterized by navigations of emotional meaning in the wake ever-advancing digitization of relationships. From over 1400 meditations and reflections on this theme, one winner, four runners-up, and an additional five notable mentions were selected, including a piece by Wes’s own Lindsay Abrams ’12. Considering the volume of submissions, that’s a feat worthy of some big ups indeed.

A list of other distinguished submitters can be found at the link above. The winning entry, written by Caitlin Dewey of Syracuse University, is available for your perusal in the NYT Styles section; a list of participating institutions can be found here. Happy reading, y’all.

Oh Snap: EduHookup

Once again the Interwebz throws from left field something so strange yet so inconceivably ingenious that I can’t decide whether I want to applaud the human audacity of it all or just feel a little dirty, sticky, and dead inside while holding myself in the corner of my Hi-Rise bathtub.

A couple of days ago Brown University’s Blog Daily Herald announced that “EduHookups” – a new online social platform that is something like a classifieds-esque webhub that provides a base for people to seek out or offer hookups – is hitting their shores. As they describe it,

The purpose of the site is simple: to give college students an easy (no pun intended) place to seek out sexual encounters. For both the cripplingly shy and the passionately deviant, eduHookups should represent a welcome addition to the college student’s casual sex utility belt (apparently the old-fashioned kind of social lubricant just doesn’t do it anymore).

The site has been considered a “relative success” so far, with around 800 registered members and media coverage from the Huffington Post, the Chicago Maroon, and the Daily Mail over in the UK (with the hilarious header: “Chastity is Curable”). Heck, it even earned a mention by Jay Leno (you can see the clip of the monologue by following through the Blog Daily Herald link).

Middletown’s is one of the Most Romantic Main Streets

It’s Valentine’s Day (this is college, holidays take on the closest weekend, at least according to my friends).  So where does one spend a romantic day such as this?  Stop mumbling “in a real city” under your breath.  I know, it’s reflex.  According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Middletown is actually the place to be for romance:

Middletown’s allure includes an artful Main Street brimming with elegant restaurants, an award-winning local chocolatier, and the romantic Inn at Middletown, offering the best of New England charm.

In addition to mentioning iconic eateries such as O’Rourke’s and Malloves Jewelers as elements of a dream date here in M-town, there’s this little treat:

Venture past the historic houses on tree-lined College Street to the prestigious Wesleyan University. Take in an eclectic and interesting lecture, a hockey game, or go stargazing at the college observatory.

So, now when you see random couples engaged in PDA’s on College Row, you know what’s going on.  This may just be a ploy by the administration to get people to show up at athletics events though.

[National Trust for Historic Preservation, via HuffPo]

Full House Valentine’s Day Dinner Reminder!

Lila Becker ’12 would like you fine folks to recall:

For less than a meal at Usdan, you can get a three-course meal home-cooked by Full House! We have just 16 tickets left for sale at the door. Come promptly at 7 before they’re all gone! Tickets are $10 (money must be paid at the door) and all profits go to the Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Come hungry, ’cause the food’s real good.