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A Concert Preview with The Rooks


Dear Wesleyan, I have a confession. I haven’t been as involved with the music scene as I would have liked. It’s not that I didn’t know about when concerts were happening – I lived across the street from Eclectic for two years – I just never got in the habit of incorporating “go to [insert band name here] concert”  into my Friday and Saturday night schedules. But if there was ever an exception, and there is always an exception, it was for the soul-grabbing, dance-inducing, heart-pumping rhythms of The Rooks.

Seeing as my concert track record is so poor, it’s a miracle I went to a Rooks concert in the first place, but after I did, I never missed a performance. So imagine my sadness when, eventually, all the band members graduated, and The Rooks migrated elsewhere, performing their music in a place with far too long a commute for me to attend.

rBut then, a miracle! I was up at Middlebury, visiting my sister with my dad for her parent’s weekend. We were looking over the schedule of events for families, and I saw a concert listing for “The Rooks”. At first, I was incredulous. Could this be the Wesleyan Rooks? Was I just so desperate for their music that I was hallucinating phantom shows? Either way, I had to see for myself. My sister gave me directions to the Middlebury version of Usdan as she prepared for a party, and I made my way across campus, guided the final few meters by a musical sound that couldn’t be anything except what I wanted it to be.

Never Mind the Password Reset Notification, Here’s The Rooks

“We want to make you dance harder than ever before, then dim the lights and grab the one you love.”

Remember Mad Wow? Josh Smith & the Concert G’s? Fly Machine?

The great godfathers of Wesleyan funk: gone but not forgotten? Earlier this month we posted about a new Wesleyan musical project, The Rooks, formed out of the ashes of past Wes funk greats and led by mastermind Garth Taylor ’12. (Apparently some mysterious Facebook glitch prevented the band members from inviting their friends to the page, so take pity and like them here.)

The Rooks are embarking on an ambitious regiment of producing a new video of cover songs and originals every week or so—impressive, when you consider that half the members have already graduated. Look up (up there! above you!) for the band’s acoustic cover of Beyonce’s “1 + 1,” look below for “Sleepwalking” (an original), voyage over here to scope out the band’s YouTube channel,  click here for past Wesleying coverage, and scroll on for an exclusive interview with Taylor and the rest of The Rooks.