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Tufts Institutes Dorm Room Sex Rule


Tufts University recently announced a new rule for students’ sex lives.  Students are prohibited to have sex while their roommate is present.  Apparently they had a high number of complaints from roommates “who were sleeping, trying to sleep, or attempting to study (NY Times)”.  Study?  Eek.

Students quoted in the Tufts Daily had mixed reactions, most saying that roommates should work these situations out on their own without ResLife getting involved.  Hopefully, Wesleyan students are more courteous than Tufts students, and this policy doesn’t become a trend.

Freshmen, take heed.  Work out a system with your roommate.  Hook up with people in singles.  Tripled frosh — good luck getting any!

Any roommate sex horror stories?  Share in the comments.

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