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Guns, Guns, Guns: A Discussion with the Roosevelt Institute


Are you disturbed by recent shootings throughout these United States? Do you think the issue of gun violence in this country is good conversation material? Are you hankering for a civilized discussion about the future of this country? If your answer to any of these questions is yes (or maybe), Amy Davis ’13 has the perfect opportunity for you:

Our first meeting of the semester will be this Tuesday, January 29, at 7pm on the Usdan couches to discuss gun violence.  Coming off Aurora, Sandy Hook, and an exceptionally polarized election year, there’s no better time to talk about why and how these tragedies occur, what we as a nation should do about them, and the politics behind finding a solution.

Affordability of Higher Education with Professor Skillman

From Amy Davis ’13:

Concerned about need-blind? Student debt? Want to know what you’re really getting out of your education? Or just want to address the NYT article on need-blind admissions? Join the Roosevelt Institute on Wednesday at 7pm in Usdan 110 for an informal discussion on the future of affordable higher education and the true costs and benefits of getting a degree.

Date: Tomorrow, December 5
Time: 7pm
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: Freesiezzz

Government By and For Millennial America Workshop

Event post by and for Amy Davis ’13:

Do you believe our government reflects values of democracy, efficiency, equality, and flexibility? Do you think we need to change
how we govern ourselves in the 21st century? On Inauguration Day 2013 the Roosevelt Institute will submit to the White House a report compiled from campuses around the country on what we, the Millennials, think the role of our government should be. Make sure Wesleyan’s voice is heard! By participating in a Government By and For workshop you will provide invaluable data and new ideas for the final report. Help us get the conversation started about what our generation wants to see from our leadership! For more information, watch the video, click here, or contact Amy (aedavis@wes) or Joel (jhochman@wes).

Date: Tuesday, November 27
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: PAC 107
Cost: Free

First Presidential Debate of 2012

As some of you may know, there’s a small event coming up in November called the Presidential Election. If you fancy flaunting your political know-how, then Amy Davis ’13 has something that may interest you:

Looking for a good fight? Come join the Roosevelt Institute, WesDems,
and Democracy Matters to watch the First Presidential Debate live in
PAC 001 9-10:30pm on Wednesday evening. Bring your friends–or better,
your enemies!–to catch the action and have a recap discussion of our

Date: Wednesday, October 3
Time: 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Place: PAC 001
Cost: Free

Prof. Mike Williams on the U.S. Surge in Afghanistan

Remember Government Professor Mike Williams? If you didn’t catch his amazing appearance on MSNBC back in September and haven’t gotten to take one of his classes, here’s a chance to experience his awesomeness tonight at the Roosevelt Institute!

What: “Obama and the Generals: Civil-Military Relations at the Afghan ‘Surge’ 2009-2012”
Date: Tuesday, April 17th (tonight!)
Time: 7-8pm
Place: Shapiro Center, on the top floor of Allbritton

Questions? Want to get on the Roosevelt listserv? Feel free to contact me by email (sstein01@wes).

Wesleyan College Roosevelts discuss Scalia with Professor Finn!

Turns  out I’ve been making a critical error on here for a while – the Roosevelt Institute leader I’d been calling Sylvie Stein all this time is actually named Wesley Ing ’12. My bad, Wesley:
Whether you’re going to Antonin Scalia’s talk on Thursday and want to know more about him, his opinions, and the Supreme Court, or didn’t get a ticket, and want to learn all this great stuff anyway, come to the ROOSEVELT INSTITUTE this Tuesday and get your judicial juices flowing with constitutional law Professor John Finn! Professor Finn will be giving a brief talk and then facilitating a discussion on Scalia’s opinions and the constitutional issues they’ve raised. The meeting is open to any and all interested students!
Where: Shapiro Center, at the top of Allbritton
When: Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm
Why: Because John Finn is The Man
Also, feel free to bother Wesley by email (sstein01@wes) if you’d like to get some recommended reading on Scalia and his originalist approach to the Constitution.
frostedmoose [11.10am, 3/5]Actually sstein01, could you post some of those recommended readings in the comments section below? I think that’s easier. And more helpful. And more edible.

Introducing the Roosevelt Blog!

Do you need a politics fix? Well here you go! The coolest kids around (The Roosevelt Institute) have started a blog labeled as “The Place for WesPolitics”. Think of it as an aspiring political Wesleying! So far, we’ve covered:

…and much, much more! Check in daily for new posts from your devoted contributors. Maybe even BOOKMARK IT! It might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Want to blog for WesRoosevelt? Email Francesca Buzzi ’12 (fbuzzi(at)wesleyan(dot)edu) and Sylvie Stein ’12 (sstein01(at)wesleyan(dot)edu).

Today’s Roosevelt Fireside Chat

This week: Occupy Wall Street

Is this form of protest one that is effective? Can we even judge the ‘effectiveness’ of a protest that doesn’t have clear demands? Do you think this protest will spark other activism or will it just fizzle out? Will the inclusion of more traditional groups, like the unions that are set to join in on Wednesday, help to organize the movement into something more accessible or threaten the character of the original activism(or do something else entirely)?

Please come and discuss with the Roosevelt Institute! All are welcome!

Questions about today’s discussion or the Roosevelt Institute this year? Want to get on the Roosevelt listserv? Email Sylvie Stein ’12 at sstein01(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

WHEN: Today! Tuesday, October 4th at 9:15pm!
WHERE: By the cool kids at the Usdan couches

Roosevelt Institute Meets This Tuesday

From Sylvie Stein ’12:

Do you like politics? Do you like blogging and discussing current events? Do you like writing policy and enacting change? Then the Roosevelt Institute is the group for you!

Aimed to engage, empower, and promote student leaders through progressive policy, the Roosevelt Institute is a multi-faceted student-run think tank with chapters across the nation. On Wesleyan campus, the group facilitates fireside chats (conversations on current events), community projects, and a politics-oriented blog geared towards the student body (currently still on summer hiatus, but about to pick back up! Check it out).

Want to learn more? Come to the black couches in the downstairs floor of Usdan on Tuesday at 9:15pm for the Roosevelt Institute’s first meeting. Direct any questions to Sylvie Stein at sstein01@wesleyan.edu.

Date: Tomorrow
Time: 9:15 pm
Place: Usdan couches