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Rosh Hashanah Events/Services

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Brought to you by the Jewish Renaissance Fellows:

Don’t forget to come to Rosh Hashanah services and events over the next three days to ring in the new year! Here is the link with the full schedule.

Date: Tuesday, September 24th to Thursday, September 26th
Time: Starting at 6:00PM
Place: All over campus (check the schedule)

Wesleyan Rosh Hashanah


From Rebecca Koppel ’14 and Danny Blinderman ‘14:

To the Wesleyan Jewish Community,

This week marks the fourth and final time that I will begin a year at Wesleyan. I remember each new beginning fondly, as starting points to years full of new ideas and experiences. At the same time, they also stand out as moments of continuation and renewal for some of the most meaningful friendships and most amazing communities I have ever known.

Read after the jump to see the rest of this message and a schedule of events for Rosh Hashanah!

Tashlikh: a Jewish Eco-Nature Ritual

The Wesleyan Jewish Community is extending a special open invite for a Rosh Hashanah event with wider appeal:

The Wesleyan Jewish Community invites you to join in Tashlikh, a
Jewish eco-nature ritual during the second day of Rosh Hashanah. The
ritual involves casting away our “excess baggage” from last year as we
throw breadcrumbs into the CT river as a symbol of the parts of us we
want change in the year ahead.

People of all backgrounds are welcome.

D8: Tuesday, Sep. 18
HR: 4 PM
ZONE: The Bayit (157 Church St.)
$: N/A

Wesleyan Rosh Hashanah Services and Meals Schedule

L’shana tovah! Celebrate the Jewish new year style at Wes:

The Jewish New Year is coming! Rosh Hashanah begins this Sunday at sundown and the Wesleyan Jewish Community invites you to join in the new year festivities! Interested in participating in our community services? We’re looking for volunteers to do anything from candle lighting to Torah reading. Please contact Rabbi David (dleipziger(at)wesleyan(dot)edu)!

September 16 (Sun): Evening service 6PM Davison Art Center Courtyard /CFA (weather permitting) (rain site: Usdan Campus Center: Beckham Hall)

Followed by special festive dinner: 7PM Usdan Campus Center: Beckham Hall (rain site: Usdan Campus Center: Daniel Family Commons)

Rosh Hashanah/Jewish New Year

From Val Pucilowski ’13:

What are you doing for Rosh Hashanah?
Please join us for singing, eating and fun this holiday.

Date: Wednesday, September 8th
Times: Evening service – 6PM, Davison Art Center Courtyard/CFA (weather permitting)
(Rain site: Usdan Campus Center: Beckham Hall)
Followed by special festive dinner – 7:00PM, Usdan Campus Center: Beckham Hall
(Rain site: Usdan Campus Center: Daniel Family Commons)

Date: Thursday, September 9th
Times: Morning service Day I – 10AM, Bekham Hall
Festive Lunch following services – 1:00PM, Usdan Campus Center: Room 108/110
Evening service – 7 PM, Adat Israel (Old Church and Broad St)

Date: Friday, September 10th
Times: Morning service Day II – 8:30 AM, Adat Israel

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah at Wes!

Rosh Hashanah is this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (18th-20th). Come celebrate with the Wes Jewish Community!

Some of the Events:
FRIDAY: Services @ 7PM in Beckham Hall, Dinner @ 8PM in Usdan 108
SATURDAY: Services @ 10AM in Beckham Hall, Lunch @ 1PM in Usdan 108
SUNDAY: Tashlich River Walk Eco-Ritual @ 4PM at the Bayit

Date:   Sept. 18 – Sept. 20
Time:  7:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Place: Beckham Hall, Usdan 108, Adath Israel, The Bayit
Cost:   Free!

For more info go to the chaplain’s website.

Rosh Hashanah Lineup

The Jewish New Year has arrived, so celebrate!

Liebschutz ‘11 writes in:

-Services at 6:15 pm in Beckham Hall, followed by dinner at 7:15 in the Daniel

Family Commons (third floor of Usdan)

Tuesday morning:
-Services at 10:00 am in Beckham Hall, followed by lunch in Usdan 108/110
-Evening services at 7:00 pm at Adath Israel

-Second-day services at 8:30 am at Adath Israel followed by lunch
-Tashlich River Walk Ritual at 4:00 pm (meet in front of the Bayit)
We will walk down to the river and symbolically cast away our
by throwing pieces of bread in the water
This is a really cool
ceremony that everyone, regardless of religious
background, is
encouraged to attend.