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Music and Public Life Class Seeks Your Content

Ross Gormley ’13 writes in and insists that this image of Antonin Scalia accompany the post:

Want to share with the Wesleyan community how you see campus through pictures and video?  Submit pictures and videos of your unique/hip/fresh/new-fangled/avant-garde/feng shui/de riguer/never-before-seen perspective of Wesleyan. Need ideas? How about: your dorm room, foss hill, snowfall bacchanal (now would be a good time), Usdan hideouts, favorite buildings, or classes. The content will be featured in a music video that Wesleyan’s own “Music and Public Life” class is putting together for an end of the year class project. Submit before everyone you have ever loved forgets everything about you!

Submit video and picture content to Adrien DeFontaine ’13 at adefontaine@wes.