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Democracy Matters First Meeting!

Corey “Helpful Diagram There, Bro!” Guilmette ’13 sends in some words attached to a helpful diagram:

Democracy Matters is a group dedicated to reducing corporate influence in politics and bringing power back to the people. We will be having our first meeting on Thursday! We really need people who want to lead and want to make a difference. Its going to be an exciting year! There will be food and it will be fun-fun-fun! You should come and bring your friends!

Date: Sept. 23
Time: 6:45 PM – 7:30 PM
Place: PAC 114
Cost: You’ll never be referred to as “the bomb” again

Passionate about Social Justice?

Noah Klein-Markman ’13 offers a chance to get involved with something that’s kind of a big deal:

Passionate about Social Justice?

We want your ideas, your inspiration and your vision to help us plan Wesleyan’s 3rd annual Social Justice Leadership Conference and MLK Day Celebration!

Geofrey Canada, an education visionary, will be our keynote speaker. You will determine the rest: panels, workshops, promotion, structure, and other guest speakers

Come to this year’s first meeting

Wednesday 9/15, 4:15, Usdan 136

(If you are interested but can’t make the meeting, email nmarkman@wes or iwaldron@wes

Date: Sept. 15
Time: 4:15 PM – 5:00 PM
Place: Usdan 136