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SAGES October Meeting

sustainability-venn-diagram-1From Jen Kleindienst, Sustainability Director:

Are you interested in making sustainable change on campus? Want to break out of the student bubble?

If so, join a group of students, faculty, and staff at the first SAGES (Sustainability Advisory Group for Environmental Stewardship, Wesleyan’s official sustainability committee) meeting of the semester!

The Sustainability Action Plan will be complete (or nearly complete) by the time of this first meeting, so we’ll discuss ways for SAGES members to get involved in making Wesleyan’s campus more sustainable.

Date: Tuesday, October 13
Time: 2PM – 3PM
Place: Usdan 108

Sustainability Advisory Group (SAGES) Meeting

SAMSUNGFrom Sustainability Coordinator Jen Kleindienst:

Join Wesleyan’s Sustainability Advisory Group for Environmental Stewardship (SAGES) for its first meeting of the semester! We’ll talk about the exciting sustainability projects going on on campus and create a roadmap for the spring. If you’ve never been to a SAGES meeting before, newcomers are always welcome.

Date: Thursday, January 29
Time: 9-10 AM
Place: Usdan 110

For more about SAGES, click here.

Wes, Divest?

“The facts are there, the arguments are solid, and with enough research, we think it’s absolutely clear that this could be a good choice for our university.” – Maya McDonnell ’16

Unless you live under a rock, which, given the advent of chilly New England weather, better be heated, you’ve likely seen groups of concerned students hang hand-drawn banners from almost every high up place in Usdan.

Although they vary in shape, size, and semi-hieroglyphic language, these banners have the same message: Wesleyan needs to step up to the plate and divest from fossil fuels.

Divestment movements are nothing new at Wesleyan. Among the most notable campaigns were the calls to divest from South African companies in the midst of apartheid during the 1970s and 80s. (Our courageous leader, Michael Roth ’78, occupied former President Campbell’s office in support of the South African divestment movement in 1979.) More recently, Students for Ending the War in Iraq (SEWI) demanded divestment from defense companies in light of then-current Iraq War in 2007.

Wes, Divest! started as a rag-tag group of concerned students late last February as divestment movements nationwide began to pick up steam. Co-founder Angus McLean ’16 was surprised that Wesleyan, “the school you would expect to be at the forefront of this movement,” didn’t already have a group devoted to fossil fuel divestment.

McLean mentions that their initial goals included a “direct freeze on new investments and divestment within five years from… funds that include fossil-fuel public equities and corporate bonds.” The group stands by these goals and plans to continue to “work with the administration to figure out the best way for Wesleyan to divest.”

With the arrival of a new school year, the group took on a more concerted effort, setting up a social media campaign and assembling those infamous banners. Bolstered by passionate freshmen, who make up over 60% of the group, and the creation of Fossil Free, a website that links nationwide divestment movements together, Wes, Divest! has gained great momentum on campus.

WeSLAM, SAGES and WildWes Present: The Spring Slam


WeSLAM doesn’t want you to miss the supreme, most salad-y slam of the semester:

The Spring Slam. Come celebrate spring. And vegetables. And the earth. And poetry. Live music will be provided by Immanuel Lokwei ’12, Andrew Pfeiffer ’13, and Greg Shaheen ’13!

Oh, there’s a special surprise scoring-method! If you’ve never slammed before, this is the perfect chance. No intimidation: just love, good weather, the earth and hugs from the WeSLAM family.
Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie is gonna be featuring (she’s super dope; check her out here and here). Lily Myers ’15 and Solomon Billinkoff ’14 are gonna be hosting. Kate Weiner ’15 is gonna talk about the earth. (Hopefully) You’re gonna be slamming.

Wait! There’s more! This is outside! I repeat: outside! 

Come through!

Date: Thursday, May 2
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: WestCo Courtyard
Facebook: springspringspring

Sustainability Chat and Chew

Sustainability Coordinator Jen Kleindienst reminds you not to chat with food in your mouth:

It’s time for the bi-weekly Sustainability Chat and Chew!
Enjoy lunch with Wesleyan’s sustainability coordinator, Jen Kleindienst, to ask questions about what’s recyclable, what sustainability is, or whatever you’d like.

Date: Tomorrow, November 14th
Time: 12-1pm
Place: Usdan 1st Floor (look for Sustainability Office sign)
Cost: BYO Lunch

Sustainability Chat and Chew

A timely event from Sustainability Coordinator Jen Kleindienst:

Want to learn about sustainability projects on campus? Did you even know there was a sustainability office at Wes?

Come meet Wesleyan’s sustainability coordinator, Jen Kleindienst, in Usdan (look for the Sustainability Office sign) to talk about what’s going on at Wes, Hurricane Sandy, or whatever you’d like.

Date: Tomorrow, October 31st
Time: 12pm-1pm
Place: Usdan First Floor
Cost: Free

Apply to be a Sustainability Intern

In a quest to dominate the front page of Wesleying, I’d like to call your attention to some information about applying to become a Sustainability Intern, provided by Emma Pattiz ’13 and Noah K-M ’13:

Interested in a year-round paid internship focused on sustainability efforts at Wesleyan? A Sustainability Intern position will open up in the fall of 2012.  To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to wesustainability(at)gmail(dot)com by Wednesday, May 9th. Interviews will be held by appointment during the following week.

The Sustainability Interns are expected to work at least 5 hours per week, and tasks include running the Do It in the Dark energy competition, the Dorm Energy Competition, and Recyclemania. Interns also coordinate Waste Not! collection at the end of the spring and the tag sale in the fall, so applicants must be available during Orientation Week 2012. We are also starting a regular on-campus thrift sale in the spirit of Waste Not!

In addition, the interns serve as a liaison between student groups, the Wesleyan Sustainability Advisory Group for Environmental Stewardship, Physical Plant, and Residential Life.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to email us at wesustainability(at)gmail(dot)com.

Due: Wednesday, May 9
Contact: wesustainability(at)gmail(dot)com

Do It In the Dark

It’s November, which means it’s time for Do It In the Dark, the senior wood-frame energy competition.

Throughout the winter we’re going to be giving away monthly prizes to the Senior Woodframe that uses the least energy, and we’re awarding the first prize!

The top scoring house for the month was 220 Cross, whose energy efficient residents will each win a $10 gift certificate to dinner in Middletown (restaurant of your choice!).

Stay tuned for November’s results, and start saving energy so that your house can win. Save energy by turning out lights and unplugging appliances you aren’t using (especially over breaks), and remember that you can wear a light coat or sweater instead of cranking up the  heat. You can view the top 20 scoring houses on our blog at http://wesustainability.blogspot.com/ or after the jump.