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Honey and the Sting Abuzz over Kickstarter

Honey and the Sting (Sam Long ’12, Jess Best ’14, Mel Hsu ’13, Gemma Smith ’13, Howe Pearson ’12), the environmentally-conscious band that loves the Connecticut River, is recording an album! They initially formed for Sam Long’s thesis concert and have just written a 10-song album about their favorite river ever. But now they need help raising funds to mix and master the album…so they started a Kickstarter campaign

Sam Long Invites You to His Thesis Performance

From Sam Long ’12:

Hi, I’m Sam. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Over the past year I’ve been working on a project that combines environmental studies and music. I have written 10 songs that celebrate and explore the Connecticut River, Middletown’s most spectacular local resource. I am performing the music with four amazing friends. They are Jess Best ’14, Mel Hsu ’13, Howe Pearson ’12 and Gemma Smith ’13. We call ourselves The Honey and the Sting. I hope that you will join us for our concert! The weather is going to be worse than I expected, but I was going to have the stage powered by bicycles that will run during the concert. As a compromise we will be performing the songs without any power at all. It should be really special!!! Here are the details. Here is a promotional video of us performing the first song.

Bike Generator Interest Meeting

If you are intrigued by bike generators, alternative energy sources, human hamsters, Sam Long ’12, or any combination of the above, this new student group is for you:

Are you passionate about alternative energy? Are you interested in seeing more alternative energy on campus? Do you know anything about bikes or harnessing energy from human hamsters?

I received funding through the green fund to purchase a group of ten bike generators capable of powering 3000W of energy. I am a senior and unable to see out the future of the project. I hope to meet with a group of interested students and form a student group surrounding the equipment and its maintenance. I need to be able to pass on the equipment to a team of individuals, preferably underclassmen. If you are interested please get in touch with me at slong(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

There will be an interest meeting on Wednesday at the College of the Environment next to DKE at 4:30. The COE is located next to DKE at 284 High Street.

Date: Wednesday, March 7
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Place: College of the Environment, 284 High

Sam Long Sings Colin Meloy Live at R&B Cafe

29_decemberists_lglLast year, my Westco balcony was host to a LOT of Decemberists sing-alongs.  Now YOU can join in, because my former balcony mate Sam Long ’12 is playing a Colin Meloy set at Red and Black:

Sam Long will perform an hour long set covering the work of Colin Meloy between 6:30and 7:30 tonight. Come enjoy the rich storytelling of one of the most dramatic singer/songwriters Sam Long knows of. Hear tales of deceit, rape, murder, and masturbation!

Date: Monday Nov. 9
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Place: Red and Black Cafe