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A Six-Month Anniversary of Tragedy and Comedy

For all you froshies out there who just discovered Wesleying and are neurotically refreshing have no idea what’s up with that banner of a vulture and a kid making an alarmed expression, prep for a history lesson in HIST 404 Sam Lyons ’12. Today is the six-month anniversary of a campus squirrel’s as-yet-unexplained death and subsequent very-much-explained disembowelment, and the six-month anniversary of the Greatest Picture Ever Snapped. We here at Wesleying feel obligated to honor and chronicle such a historic event, widely viewed as a defining moment in Wesleyan’s long and illustrious career:

25 April 2012, approx. Midday: Campus Squirrel ‘?? (and no, not Wes Squirrel, who was apparently born in 1960 and graduated long ago, now working at Asplundh Tree Experts) dies of unknown causes outside of Fisk Hall.

Lyons ’12 Stars in Best Picture Ever Taken

Oh shit a vulture eating a squirrel.

Anyone walking down High Street around 1:00 pm yesterday may have caught a glimpse of a fucking vulture eating a dead squirrel. I know I did, and it ruined my day.

However, my reaction was nothing compared to the now immortal shudder of Sam Lyons ’12, the man also known as the drippy DJ and producer C¥BERGIGA. Some of Wesleyan’s official photographers were on the scene to capture what is almost-definitely the most liked and shared (Facebook-wise) picture the Wesleyan Facebook page has ever seen.

As of this morning, this beautiful image has received 314 likes and 53 shares. And boy does it deserve ’em in this writer’s opinion.

If you’re wondering if this has become a meme yet, the idea is out there and ready for you to go crazy with thanks to Harry Ray Ezratty ’13. A great example here from Jesse Ross-Silverman ’13.

What does Sly1nz have to say about this? “NATURE IS TERRIFYING” (38 likes). More Lyons here and here.

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