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Weather Update: Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy Is One Gnarly Bitch

If you haven’t been following the news over the past week,¬†you’ve seriously been missing out. Long story short: there is a giant ass hurricane projected to hit the Northeast within the next couple days. Wesleyan’s administration sent out an announcement on Friday afternoon telling students and faculty that the storm should make landfall either Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

The email goes on to report that Hurricane Sandy has “…potential to bring strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding to Connecticut.” Power outages are also a strong possibility. To prepare, members of the Wesleyan community should put together an “emergency kit” consisting of key items (pillow, blanket, medication, flashlight, etc.) in the occurrence of an evacuation. The school will update the student body and faculty on the situation again this Monday.

“Blah blah blah, hermes, I don’t give a shit about the storm. I’m an invincible motherfucker. All I want to know is if classes are canceled.” Well, impatient reader, scroll on and you’ll find out. There has been no official word on whether or not any classes will be canceled this week (this policy could change as the storm gets closer). However, if you went to the University of Hartford, you’d be jumping for joy; the school has already officially canceled classes Monday through Wednesday this week. Reports also show that all Middletown public schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. Sorry, Wes peeps. I guess we’re just special.