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USA Today on Wes Bands, Eclectic, Elmo Costumes

User comment of the year: “AWE SWEEETTTT! Music mucho bien. TRolOlOlololol”

Guys. We’re famous. Again.

Remember that time Wesleyan became the “epicenter of surrealist Brooklyn pop”? The Village Voice cast an approving eye on Wesleyan’s music scene in August 2009—the dawn of my freshman year—back when MGMT was a fresh success story and Das Racist, Boy Crisis, and Bear Hands were all up-and-coming reference points. That article bears mention for a number of reason: it replaced the Hollywood “Wesleyan Mafia” with a slightly more bearded Brooklyn contingent; it brought VanWyngarden and friends to the mainstream of Wesleyan’s admissions information sessions and applicant pool (remember this?); and it contained this extraordinary sentence:

Thus did the young scholar soon find himself at a nearby co-ed fraternity called the Eclectic Society, rocking indeed with one Will Berman, now the drummer for Wesleyan-bred, quasi-hippie, semi-famous electro-rockers MGMT.

It’s been two-and-a-half years, so we’re well overdue for another gushing Wesleyan music feature in a mainstream news source.

This time it’s USA Today’s College page; headlined “Student and alumni musicians bring ‘Wesleyan Wave’ to the national scene, the article comes complete with a “Wesleyan Playlist” of Soundcloud embeds that runs the gamut from Das Racist and and Santigold to C¥BERGIGA and Lioness. Anyone smell hype? I smell hype.

What I like about this article—at least compared with the 2009 Voice piece—is that it extends its scope well beyond a few high-profile alumni. So yeah, it begins by pointing out that “MGMT, Das Racist, Santigold, Amazing Baby, Bear Hands and Fort Lean all boast [Wesleyan] diplomas” (no dice, Amanda Palmer ’98, who both performed this fall and has written music about Wesleyan), but soon refocuses on current student activity, which includes both concert-booking (a smorgasbord of examples from the last three semesters) and student bands (Peace Museum, Lioness, and Awesomefest all get shout-outs).

Power Shift 2011 Kickoff Meeting

Interested in changing the world? Did the Rally to Restore Sanity just not cut it for you? Then, you should attend Power Shift 2011. Their website inspires you with the following pithy quote:

This spring, over 10,000 young leaders will converge on Washington, DC to stand up for ourfuture. At Power Shift 2011, we’ll stand together to reclaim our democracy from big corporations and push our nation to move beyond dirty energy sources that are harming the health of people and the planet.

And this year, Wesleyan is hoping to fill up two buses to attend the conference. If you and your friends are interested, come to our kick-off meeting Tuesday, February 15th (TODAY!) at 8:00 p.m. in Usdan 108.

Wesleyan is hoping to fill up two buses to attend the conference. If you and your friends are interested, come to our kick-off meeting tonight! And who knows? Maybe we’ll get another Wesleyan shoutout like we did at the last Power Shift in 2009 from Santi White ’97, better known as Santigold.

  • Date: February 15th
  • Time: 8:00 p.m.
  • Place: Usdan 108

Santigold to perform at Wes during Reunion Weekend

Looks like Santigold (Santi White ’97) is this year’s Reunion & Commencement weekend performer, following the show put on at the Memorial Chapel last year by Dar Williams ’89.

There’s been no official announcement yet, but the R&C weekend schedule lists a WSA co-sponsored performance by Santigold on the night of Friday, May 21st, in the giant tent they set up every year on Andrus Field.

This will be the first show played by Santigold at Wesleyan, who was scheduled to perform at last year’s Spring Fling before it was canceled. Very fittingly, it will be held in memory of Johanna Justin-Jinich ’10 and Chase Parr ’10.

Looks like it’ll be a free show, with donations to the Memorial Clinic of Kibera in Kenya (scheduled to open this summer) highly encouraged. Good times if you’re sticking around for senior week.

Peep the R&C schedule and video invitation.

Date: Friday, May 21st
Time: 10 pm
Place: Andrus Field Tent
Cost: Free, I guess?

Santigold to Produce Devo


WTF news of the day: Pitchfork reports today that Santigold—that is, Santi White ’97—has been producing something (what? a song? an album?) by wonderful and bizarre new wave veterans Devo. She tells Paste Magazine:

It was amazing. They’re my band idols. Them and the Smiths. I made them pull out the red hats and pose for a picture.

Devo and the Smiths. Like matter and antimatter. What’s next—MGMT producing Men at Work? This seems like as good an opportunity as any to brag about the coolest dorm poster on campus:


And if, God forbid, you don’t realize how much Devo rules, here’s a good introduction:

Santigold Gives Wes Shout-Out, Holds Moment of Silence On New Tour

santigold2During the opening night of her national tour, Santigold gave a shout-out to Wesleyan, according to the SF Weekly’s All Shook Down music blog.

Thanks Santi White ’97!

Santigold seemed most earnest in her interactions with the audience, signing a record for one fan, and shouting out her alma mater, Wesleyan University.  Besides showing love for the Wesleyan soccer team, she gave a moment of silence for Johanna Justin-Jinich ’10.

SPRING FLING 2009: Santigold, Clipse, King Khan and the Shrines

A show fit for a king! At least two of them!

Spring Fling kicks off at noon with Battle of the Bands winners King George and The Royal Family, featuring George Brady ’09 (Keys/Vocals), Melanie Brady ’12 (Vocals), William Franklin ’09, (Guitar), Jon Myers ’11 (Drums), Alex Moris ’09 (Vocals/Hype), Nash Morgan ’08 (Aux. Percussion/Shenanigans).

And once you’re sufficiently funked up, prepare for the ridiculousness of King Khan and the Shrines, Clipse, and Santigold, the tightest Fling lineup in recent memory.

Date: Wednesday, May 6
Time: 12 noon
Place: Foss Hill/Andrus Field

King Khan in a video!

Santigold outdoors, like she will be here!

Get pumped – more info here.



santigoldIt’s official – Social Committee pulled through and got Santigold, aka Santi White ’97, at the last minute.*

Santi blew up in the past year with the release of her genre-bending (formerly**) eponymous album Santogold, and has since toured with Bjork, M.I.A., and Coldplay, and collaborated with the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye, and David Byrne.

Her success as Santigold isn’t really part of the recent Wesleyan/Brooklyn alumni musical clusterfuck we’ve come to know and love – she basically hasn’t been back here since she graduated. But it looks like you can forget whatever reservations we thought she had about Wesleyan – she’s making quite a return to her alma mater as a Spring Fling headliner.

clipse1Rap duo/brothers Clipse have been making hits since 2001 – I remember because “When the Last Time” and “Grindin’” were big deals at my junior high “prom”.

But don’t let that dissuade you – their rhymes are fresh and fueled by The Neptunes’ beats, and they’re about to drop a new album, Till the Casket Drops, late this summer, which will probably have at least a few inescapable summer party jams we’ll get to hear live before they’re all over the radio by September.

11620-the-supreme-genius-of-king-khan-and-the-shrinesKing Khan has been called the “Maharaja of Soul”, not only because he plays a musical genre discongruous to his heritage as a brown person, but because he fucking rocks. Formerly of the Montreal-based garage-rock outfit “The Spaceshits” and an on-and-off collaborator in the doo-wop/punk duo “The King Khan & BBQ Show“,  Khan went to Berlin and started up “The Supreme Genius of King Khan and His Sensational Shrines” a few years back.

They somewhat insufficiently describe themselves as a “psychedelic-soul-big-band” – by all accounts, these guys need to be experienced, not just heard. Everyone I know who’s seen them has been ecstatic about their live shows, even before they knew the Shrines were coming to Spring Fling and figured they’d have to feign enthusiasm.

So, soul/punk/madness from King Khan, Clipse’s dope rhymes, and Santigold’s triumphant return to Wes – overall an excellent lineup. GJ Social Committee!

Santigold at Central Park SummerStage last year:

Clipse at the Knitting Factory:

And King Khan & the Shrines live in Phoenix last year:

Check out the Spring Fling players on Myspace:

*This information is directly from the Social Committee, it is true.

**FYI: Santigold, formerly known as Santogold. She changed from the “o” to an “i” in February this year because a jeweler/entrepreneur already named Santo Gold threatened to sue her for being more famous than him. True story, change it on your iTunes.