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Sasquatch! Doesn’t Really Get Das Racist

This is a post about Das Racist’s Sasquatch! Festival blurb, which turns out to be just a minor variation on every DR press blurb, but is still amusing enough to post here. Also, our obligatory “Das Racist Is Being Das Racist Again” post of the week. Skip it if you prefer ACTUAL PRESSING NEWS.

For years Das Racist’s press packet and MySpace bio has described the duo as having met at “Bard Art College in Massachusetts,” which clearly does not exist, especially considering Victor Vazquez ’06 and Himanshu Suri ’07 (the third dude in that photo is “hype man and spiritual advisor” Dap) pretty much definitely met at “Wesleyan University in Connecticut.”

Okay, sure, this is Das Racist we’re talking about. I brought up the subject when I interviewed the two for the Argus last year, which invited them to fuck with me/readers/everyone even further: