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Bike Ticket Crackdown: Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights Responds

After last week’s controversial note from Physical Plant, Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights has responded to comments about the new practice of bike ticketing. Basically, it’s a way of surveying certain areas to see whether they are in need of more bike racks, and the racks have already been funded. No word on what the line is between being ticketed and having your bike confiscated:

You may or may not have seen purple bike tickets around campus recently. If you have, you might have wondered, “What if there aren’t enough bike racks?”

When WSDR, Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights, decided to raise awareness about accessibility issues on campus last year, we spoke to physical plant and public safety about our concerns regarding bikes people were chaining to handrails.

There are two issues we are concerned with: people don’t necessarily realize (or maybe care, but we prefer to give the benefit of the doubt!) that they might be restricting the movement of their peers, and we were running out of space.