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Spring Fling Committee Starts Charging Money for Guest Passes, Because Kendrick

“A Kendrick ticket alone at a normal concert is going to cost about twice this price, so it’s a good steal.”

In a move that has pissed off a few students and stunned no one, Spring Fling Committee has begun charging money for guest passes, which have been bumped from $0 to $20 faster than you can say “Cooper Union’s tuition.” The news matter-of-factly popped up on this blog last Tuesday, in a post by killofrights (who, I should disclose, is a member of Spring Fling Committee):

Guest passes for non-students are now on sale at the Usdan box office. Tickets cost $20, and there is a limit of one guest ticket per student. You can charge it right to your student account. Get ‘em while you can, because guest passes will sell out.

Readers were quick to point out that no one has ever had to pay for guest passes in previous years, a fact slyly obscured by the committee’s announcement, and besides, Spring Fling Committee is just a bunch of evil hipster goons who probably wear sunglasses indoors. Everyone knows that.

According to co-chair Dylan “Dreamhost” Bostick ’13, the committee had to go above and beyond its original budget to snag this year’s lineup.

SBC Meeting Day and Time Change


From the lovely/fiscally responsible Nicole Brenner ’15 and the WSA Student Budget Committee:

Attention Student Group Leaders,

The Student Budget Committee meeting times have changed. This change will go into effect starting next week, February 13, 2013. Meetings will no longer be held on Mondays.

The new time for Student Budget Committee meetings will be Wednesdays at 6pm.

Meeting Sign-ups will be available from 9:00am – 3:15pm on Wednesdays.

Please email sbc(at)lyris(dot)wesleyan(dot)edu with any questions.

Thank you.

Date: Starting Wednesday, February 13th and so forth (NO MORE MONDAYS)
Time: 6pm
Place: Usdan 104D

Money: Funding & Budgeting (Leadership Luncheon Series)

From Winston Soh ’14:

Learn about the various funding avenues that the WSA has from SBC Chair Nicole Brenner ’15, and pick up budgeting and event planning skills from Michelle Myers-Brown, Director of Usdan!

Lunch is provided in this hour-long session!

Date: Friday, October 26th
Time: 12-1:00PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 110
Cost: Free! Lunch provided!

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Student Groups

Extra points if you can identify this reference.  If you can't, you're getting to get killed, or worse, expelled!

Now that you know how to eat and sleep, and have realized that you have worse hand-eye coordination than a D7 athlete, what else is there to do? Student groups.  Beyond the necessities of living and academics, extracurriculars are fundamental to “the Wesleyan experience” (some might even say they spend more time and effort on extracurriculars than academics).  There are over 300 student groups to pick from, and many of them will be enticing, so choose wisely.

Consider the rule of seven: if you halve your years then add seven, you’ll have the youngest decent age for a partner you should only commit yourself to seven major activities in any given semester.  Each course counts as one, as do many jobs, sports teams, and student groups.  While every commitments requires a different level of time and energy, and every person has different capabilities, this is a good general rule to keep in mind.  Word on the street is that the rule has been spread on campus by Professor Joyce Jacobsen, but that can’t be confirmed.

While officially recognized by the WSA, Wesleyan’s student groups operate with a fair degree of autonomy and all have preferences for how do they choose to advertise themselves. While the diversity of expression might have its benefits, the lack of consistency also makes it difficult to find them.

Better Late Than Never: Concert Committee Welcomes Summer Booking

Remember all those shows we had on campus last September? Remember that excellent Wye Oak show? Remember when Dodos came? Remember Jeff the Brotherhood and Generationals and Amanda Palmer ’98?

Okay, forget about Amanda Palmer. That was kind of a fluke. The rest of those shows were the result of last summer, when Concert Committee began letting students propose and book shows over the summer to fill up the calendar for the early fall. If you’re interested in getting in on the action for Fall 2012, here’s Chelsie Green ’14 reporting live from Chelsea:

Due to a successful first summer, we’re allowing anyone with some prior experience in booking (though there may be some exceptions to that) to book a show over the summer for the beginning of the school year. Ideally, that would be the first weekend back in September, extending through the month of October. Unfortunately, we’re getting a really late start because of things out of our control and now are very much in need of proposals for September, especially. Only a percentage of our budget will be available and we’re functioning on a “first come, first serve” basis, just as we do during the school year.

Register for the Fall Student Groups Fair

WSA Student Group Fair 2012Ready to put your student group out there to new and returning students this fall?  Susanna Banks ’13, Assistant Manager of the WSA Office, writes in about signing up for the fall Student Groups Fair:

Registration is now open for the Fall Student Groups Fair! The fair will be held on Friday, September 14th, 2pm to 5pm, in the Huss Courtyard outside of Usdan. The fair is a great way to publicize your group and recruit new members. There will also be local vendors present with food samples to make for a great afternoon. Please note that space it limited, so register your student group as soon as possible by filling out this form.

If you have already graduated or are no longer the leader of your student group, please forward this email to the current student group leader.

Members of the WSA, including (potential) members of the Community Outreach Committee (COCo), will be there too, so bring any questions you have about being an officially recognized student group!

SBC Funds Publications; Talks About Problems and Feelings

Here’s something of a nice end to an otherwise thoroughly frustrating story.

Back in mid-April, we found out through the Argus (and through the mass verbalization of concerned parties, probably) that the SBC prematurely ran out of funds for the semester—by late March/early April, it seems. This meant that student publications (and whatever student groups had operations late in the semester) were completely denied funding through almost no fault of their own. As the Argus article reported,

Members of publications cited the fact that the SBC requires groups to specify exact amounts when applying for funding, while the exact amounts of money that publications will need will remain uncertain until the end of the semester.

Flash forward to today, and the SBC seems to have managed to come up with the cash late in the fourth quarter to give student publications the funding they need. They did this through  a “reassumption” process—which basically involves pressing student groups who have received funding earlier in the semester to cough up leftover cash. (The SBC was able to reclaim about $4,000, which to me is somewhat unsurprising, as it’s pretty well-known that excessive funding requests—and other forms of corruption—is fairly prevalent in the SBC-student group interaction. See relevant awkward bits in the WSA Prez Debate.)

As one would expect, the SBC came out of this entire episode pinned beneath a dense hail of criticism. (But then again, they’re always under fire). In response to this, Cameron Couch ’13, the SBC chair, posted an open letter on the WSA website to publicly acknowledge the criticism, clarify the narrative of the problem, and suggest in which areas improvement can be cultivated. Choice morsels and key points after the jump.

Student Group Financial Information Workshops

...and then it's fight for ol' Wesleyan, neeeeever give in...From the man with the money (so, your BFF?), Cameron Couch ’13:

The Student Budget Committee (SBC), in conjunction with the WSA Office, The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD), the Concert Committee, and the WSA’s Community Outreach Committee (COCo), will be hosting a Student Group Financial Information Workshop from 5PM – 6PM on Wednesday (2/15) and Thursday (2/16) of this week.

On Wednesday, the workshop will be located in PAC 001, and on Thursday, the event will take place in PAC 004.

To better-inform student group leaders about the entire financial process at Wesleyan, there will be one or more representatives from each organization to provide a brief presentation. We will also be available to answer any questions you may have about creating and organizing a student group, applying for funding, drawing up contracts, reserving rooms and buildings, submitting reimbursement requests, and much more!

This is all about making the lives of student leaders easier. Come armed with questions, ideas, and a willingness to learn.

SBC, tweet tweet.

Today is a big day. On this day in history, the first Boy Scout troop was organized in England by Robert Baden-Powell in 1908. On this day in history, Winston Churchill died in London at age 90. But, perhaps most importantly on this day, the Wesleyan Student Budget Committee will hold its first meeting for the 2011 Spring Semester.

If you’re one of the 23 groups (woohoo!) signed up to meet with the SBC today, then continue reading. In an effort to make all of our time move most efficiently, the SBC signed up with Twitter. We periodically update our Twitter as we move through the groups. That way, you can stay in Olin for as long as possible before making the trek to Usdan 104 to request funding. So, follow our twitter. Or for those of you who don’t tweet (well, thank you.), just check it out periodically. You don’t have to have a twitter account to see our twitter. And in case you’re wondering about how this image relates, that is basically what will happen by signing up to meet with us and following our twitter. Except not really.

Clipse will probably headline Spring Fling

The Argus and the WSA corroborate what was posted here two weeks ago – there probably won’t be another headlining act for Spring Fling besides Clipse.


Because they were running low on funds this semester (and because the economy tanked), the SBC was only able to allocate about $55,000 to the Social Committee to hire Spring Fling acts, which was less than they originally expected to receive.

Six thousand dollars were allocated to book an opening act, $14,000 for a middle act (which would have been Clipse), and $30,000 for a headliner, which is the spot that the Social Committee has been unable to fill.

But not for lack of trying – according to SBC Chair Chris Goy ’09 (via the Argus), the Social Committee talked to over 100 acts, who were either unavailable on the date or unwilling to play for $30,000, which apparently isn’t enough for many high-profile acts in this economic climate.

Including Sonic Youth, who were the frontrunners until they shot us down (even though the band members all live nearby and had no previous commitments) because they said that they no longer tour. Which is pretty disappointing, but whatever.

So far Clipse and one unconfirmed opening act (…rumors) have been booked, and the Social Committee will probably use the remaining money to book one or two smaller acts.

Oh well, don’t be too disappointed.  Clipse will be a sweet headliner, King Khan is excellent, the other act(s) will be (at the very least) decent, it’ll probably be nice out, and you will probably be drunk. Enjoy it, it’ll be great.

Here’s info from the Argus article, including more comments by Goy and Social Committee chair Max Gardner ’10, after the jump: