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SBC to seize unspent student group funds

In an email to both active and inactive student groups, the WSA’s Student Budget Committee (SBC) writes:

Because of the alarming gap between the funds allocated by the SBC and the funds spent by student groups, all unspent SBC allocations in student group accounts will be seized and returned to the SBC over Winter Break.

This is done so that every student group requesting money has a fair shot at it. Right now, the SBC is strapped for cash due to unusually high demand. We appreciate your cooperation.

Each student group must complete this form by 6:00 PM on Saturday, Dec. 6; otherwise, groups are “at serious risk of having [their] funds reassumed into the SBC general budget for next semester’s requests.”

More details are contained in the email, which registered group contacts should have received.

WSA elections close tomorrow at 11:59 PM

WSA Vice President Emily Malkin ’08 reminds us that this week’s WSA elections are coming to a close—so get your votes in before 11:59 PM on Friday night! Emily says:

There are three different elections happening (Frosh representatives, At-Large representatives, and Student Budget Committee (SBC) representatives), plus an all-campus survey.

Vote at wesleyan.edu/wsa/voting. Maybe even write in Giant Joint?

Have an opinion about SBC policies?

The Student Budget Committee and Student Activities Office would like your input and feedback on their SBC criteria, alternative sources of funding and general topics that are relevant. This meeting is open to the representative financial contacts of all officially recognized student groups.

Date: Tonight, May 10
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Place: Science Center 150