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Protesters of Justice Scalia escorted from Chapel by PSafe

During the Q&A of Justice Scalia several students stood up wearing yellow jump suits and black hoods. They were told to leave by PSAFE and escorted away.

EDIT from wieb$ (a member of the protest): I was told to sit down or exit or I would be put in front of the Judicial Board; I refused to respond and was then forcibly removed. Look for a post from our perspective (including the police/PSAFE/administrative improprieties we encountered as well as videos/photos) at some point tomorrow (?) (after this damn CSS paper is finished).

A Message from the Scalia Welcoming Committee

There’s the door

Thursday, 7PM, Memorial Chapel Lawn

Got something to say about Scalia or Wesleyan? Frustrated with the status quo on campus or across the country?


Come to a peaceful protest and speak-out in response to Scalia’s presence on campus. Bring friends, bring signs, bring noisemakers, and bring your VOICE. All people of conscience (Wesleyan staff, faculty and students, and residents of Middletown/Turtle Island) are more than welcome to participate.

Gather at 7PM in front of the Memorial Chapel on the campus green adjacent to High Street. Participants will be able to attend the scheduled screenings elsewhere on campus at 8pm if they wish, though the protest will likely continue throughout the event.

For a Lecture Series About the Freedom of Expression…

Seriously, guys? What the fuck?

…there’s certainly a lot of repressive administrative posturing going around.

Dean of Students Rick Culliton recently sent the following email to the authors of the Wespeaks denouncing Scalia’s visit, promising possible judicial action against any who plan to protest tomorrow.

I wanted to follow up with you after reading your Wespeaks in yesterday’s Argus and prior to Justice Scalia’s visit to campus. I realize that as a collective you are opposed to his visit and may be planning to participate in some forms of protest. As you are likely aware, Wesleyan has a Disruption Policy http://bit.ly/wDrxdf [link shortened for aesthetic purposes by Wesleying] which outlines what is expected by the University. As a university, we have an expectation that people will not be obstructed from moving freely about campus, that the curricular, co-curricular and administrative activities of the university will not be disrupted and that others will not be deprived of their right to be heard. I would be happy to speak with any of you prior to tomorrow’s visit if you have any questions about what is permissible under University policy.


Dean Rick

It’s gonna be a fun time.