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Read These Jinn Stories if You Wanna Get Properly Spooked this Halloween

Every year, in search of some solid Halloween spookiness, I inevitably end up searching the internet for stories about jinns. What’s a jinn you ask? They show up in pop culture every so often; the jinn, or genie, that you probably know best is the Genie from Aladdin.

Jinns feature prominently in Islamic mythology. What’s interesting about the genre is that Jinns are actually based on Islamic literature and theology, and they’re mentioned many times in the Quran. Basically, if you believe in Islam, a belief in jinns tags along whether you want it to or not… kind of like your kid sister that follows you everywhere. For many Muslims such as myself, this lends the concept of Jinns a legitimacy that your average ghost story doesn’t have.

Also, shout out to the Buzzfeed podcast See Something Say Something by Ahmed Ali Akbar for doing an awesome yearly Halloween episode about jinns and halaloween ;)

Read on for some more background on jinns, as well as some jinn stories that’ll creep you the fuck out. I’ll leave you to decide whether you want to believe them or not.

NY Times on Middletown Roof Collapse

“‘Bad as it may be, I love y’all’s snowfall,’ he said, mostly in jest.”

“The woods may be lovely, dark and deep, but for small New England towns like this one, snow no longer brings the peaceful sweep of easy wind and downy flake.”

It sounds like the opening narration of a bad M. Night Shyamalan film. Actually, it’s the lead sentence of an article in yesterday’s New York Times, which deals with the familiar enough Snow vs. Roof drama taking place across New England this season. The focus is on recent structural collapse concerns in Middletown, particularly that time a building on Main Street collapsed under the weight of snow.

The article provides an interesting glimpse at the Main Street businesses affected in the aftermath of last week’s frightening collapse:

Mitchell Wynn, 49, who owns Mike’s Barber Shop, was able to salvage his antique chairs and his marble work station and has found another shop a few blocks away. For now, his two sons are carrying on the business, with one cutting hair at his home and the other making house calls.

Structural Integrity Concerns Are Concerning

Yesterday I posted a 1996 Argus article regarding a massive snowstorm that collapsed an entire wall of the Freeman Athletic Center. I made light of it, because, you know, it was 1996, and no one got hurt, and all is well, and people say funny things in 1996.

The day before that we reported on a building collapse on Main Street in Middletown. We made light of it—sort of—because everyone’s okay, except a bunch of old props from Oddfellows Playhouse, even though city officials say Middletown buildings are still threatened by heavy snowfall.

Today I received a scary email regarding on-campus evacuations from Joyce Topshe, Associate Vice President for Unpronounceable Names Facilities. I’m not making light of it, because it’s kind of scary. [Key safety tip: “Please be alert to any unusual cracking noises.” Unless your roommate  is, or studies with, Alvin Lucier.]