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Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series 2018: WELCOME

Heyo Class of 2022,

It’s that time of the year: last-minute house parties where you make regrettable decisions with people you forget you’ll see over breaks, the last couple trips of the summer to the coffee shops and diners around the corner, getting the first onslaught of questions by your stressed senior friends with questions about the Common App, family vacations to visit relatives you haven’t seen ever but have to pretend to remember, or maybe just staring at old YouTube videos while listening to some angsty jazz while hoping that maybe college will be better than high school.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Course Schedule

In a continued effort to pleasantly surprise some students and crush others’ hopes and dreams, the administration  keeps the emotional train rolling with an email from Associate Registrar Paul Turenne on Pre-Registration, Adjustment, and various other terms that Kanye West rejected for album names.

If you take a look at the “Fall 2012 Pre-Registration” link from your student portfolio, you’ll see how many courses  you got scheduled in the initial round of pre-reg. The next round is Adjustment, when you revise your schedule according to availability and scheduling conflicts. The adjustment system is a Robin Hood-esque way to level the course schedule playing field: if you were only placed in one of the four courses you initially signed up for, you will get the first opportunity to choose from courses that are still available. Adjustment for the first group begins Wednesday, April 18, at 8 am.

Click on to read the full email from Mr. Turenne, who has nicely included a “Strategies and Tips” section but sadly excluded ice for the burn that I received upon reading the message. Does Wesleyan even know that I attend this school? Just sayin’.

“When Does _____ Open?”

Wesleying Dining Opening Schedule available here, courtesy of Bon Appetit.

Ed Thorndike ’89 adds: Red & Black Cafe is open and accepting meal plan points. WesWings opens tomorrow (Saturday) night.