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From the Argives, or 2001: A Wireless Odyssey

“It’s a costly idea and I don’t think that many people are going to bring their laptops to the library because when you’re doing research, it’s faster to just write your notes with a pencil and paper, to keep up with your thoughts.”

If you’re reading this in Olin or SciLi (on a personal, laptop computer, no less), pump your fist in the air and jump up and down. This week (or last, close enough) marks the tenth anniversary of a seemingly indispensable tool: wireless internet in the libraries. “Anyone with a laptop equiped [sic] with a Cisco wireless network card can bring their computer to Olin or the Science Libraries and access the internet,” reported contributing writer Emily P. 05 on November 2, 2001. The wireless speed ran at 11 megabytes per second, “compared to the Ethernet’s 10 Mbit connection.” Too bad the wireless card cost freaking $125 at the computer store.

The article is packed with student testimonies—and they’re almost unanimously skeptical of the development (and the cost of the card). What makes it especially worth the skim is the quotes from students who can’t possibly fathom that wireless internet is useful in the library:

…And Someone Flipped the Switch; SciLi Open All Night

Another update: power (but not internet) restored to most dorms. It remains unclear whether power will cut out again at 3am as previously scheduled.

The WSA has worked with Public Safety to ensure that SciLi will remain open all night long, and will NOT close at midnight as previously planned. Usdan will close at 2am as usual.

Public Safety will be personally staffing SciLi tonight, so if you see them, stop and say thanks for putting in the extra effort. Everyone could use a little good cheer at the moment.

Freeman evening hours cut

Loved being able to go to the gym for a 10:00 Friday night workout? Well, those days are no more. Freeman, which used to stay open until 10:00 Monday-Wednesday and 11:00 Thursday-Saturday, will now close at 9:00 Monday-Saturday. Opening times (6:30 Monday-Friday, 8:00 Saturday) as well as Sunday hours (11:00-6:00) have not changed. Also, keep in mind the fitness center closes 15 minutes before the building (so 8:45 Monday-Saturday, 5:45 Sunday). View the complete fall hours here.

(For what it’s worth, SciLi has also had a marginal reduction in hours–it will now close at 11:00 Saturday nights, rather than 11:30.)

SciLi vending machines broken

Be prepared for disappointment if you want to put some Coke on your WesCard. David Markowitz ’11 points out that the vending machines (all except the ice cream machine) near SciLi now have card readers… but that none of the card readers work. Oops.

Outdated Wesleyan Lingo: "Squid"

Ever wonder why Esquid (you know, the ratemyprofessors.com-like Wesleyan-specific site that is un-updatable and thus becomes more and more obsolete with each passing semester…) is called E-squid?

According to a completely unverified word-of-mouth source, “squid” used to be a term with a definition resembling “dork,” “nerd,” or “geek.” Apparently, the term came into being to describe the way people who constantly sat in SciLi looked from outside the building as you passed by on Church St: like squid in an aquarium.

Edit: Some alumni and students have chimed in with additional information. Interesting! It sounds like “squid” started as lingo in the early 70’s, worked its way into the name of a pre-ratemyprofessors viewbook with comments from students about different classes called “Squid’s Eye View,” and fell out of usage even while the “Squid’s Eye View” kept going through to the very early 90’s, which later became the inspiration for wesleyan.edu’s very own esquid. Wild.

“As I recall, the term squid (noun only, not a verb) began while I was at Wes (1971-75). It didn’t exist when I got there, or at least it was not widely used. But at some point, it became a common term for the students who were always in the science library, which was open round the clock on most days. (Around the same time, the Sci Lib became know as Skylab.)”
– dave rosenthal ’75

“The term Squid was almost dead by the late-1980’s. I think we saw the last few regular publications of the annual “Squid’s Eye View” (if I’ve remembered that name right), which was a newspaper published a few times a year with anonymous comments on different professors — a great tool for choosing classes.

In general conversation, though, by that time people were not referring much to each other as squids. I never heard the Sci Li connection…”
-class of ’88

“studying in scili–and eventually everywhere, or so i’m told–came to be known as “squidding.” if you read through some of the argus archives, the term is used pretty consistently.”
-ben, ’10

“I started in ’90, and Squid’s Eye View was still around then. I never knew where the name came from though, as the term had dropped out by then.”
-midnight rambler